Sourcing and identifying the right C-suite and senior talent for filling executive jobs in Australia is challenging for many businesses. It is a stressful, time-consuming and expensive process, which means it has to be handled efficiently by experienced experts. To ensure they are getting the right candidate for the job who is invested for the long-term, businesses in Australia turn to one of the leading executive search firms at Amrop Carmichael Fisher.

How will they know who the ‘right candidate’ is?

Their team of researchers, partners and executive headhunters first consult with you in order to gain a full understanding of what is required. They will work with you to understand the main requirements of the role such as what skill sets candidates must possess, the level of experience required and what qualifications they need to have obtained.

This doesn’t just include the requirements of the role but also what traits the candidate needs to possess in order to be the right fit with your business. This can include the reasons for the candidate wanting the position, what their long-term goals are and their soft skills to ensure they are the best cultural fit within the work environment.

Equipped with this information, their supportive team will then begin screening and assessing each suitable candidate according to an executive search strategy that is tailored to your exact needs and goals. Their executive search consultants have a vast amount of industry experience from having worked with many clients across sectors and areas including Financial and Professional Services, Retail, Government, Technology, Media and Digital, Education and many more.

How do they search for executive talent?

Unlike smaller search firms that source talent for lower-level positions, Amrop Carmichael Fisher is established in over 49 countries with more than 77 offices. From a strong global presence, their executive search specialists have access to invaluable resources such as their extensive global network of contacts.

Covering a wide range of different industries that extends across the globe, their headhunters aren’t confined to just Australia in their search for C-suite, senior and executive talent. They have established relationships with a variety of professionals who aren’t registered with job websites or seeking employment, but are open to new opportunities.

With additional services including Strategic Talent Management, Executive Coaching, Leadership Assessment and more, turn to Amrop Carmichael Fisher to access the best-suited talent for filling executive jobs in Australia. Find out more by calling 03 9016 0900 or visiting their website today.