Thanks to the decentralized digital ledger called the blockchain, initial coin offerings or ICOs as they are commonly abbreviated, have presented a new avenue for fundraising especially for crypto projects. This fundraising method, in addition to a few others wearing the crypto cloak, to say the least, has challenged the dependability and temporal relevance of the age old initial public offering or IPO.

ICOs might fall in the beginning of the graph that rates crypto fundraising methods from the easiest to the most difficult. However, even in this degree, ICO development is a lengthy, daunting, and cumbersome process. The biggest hassle today in ICO development is not the scarcity of ICO development companies but rather the plenty of it!

Therefore, it becomes imperative on the part of the crypto entrepreneur to ensure that their ICO development service is in the right hands. To help you in this process, we have compiled below, a list of qualities that you will need to keep in mind when choosing your ICO software development company.

Check the history

The legacy of a company is some thing that we always look for even when it comes to buying something as simple as a pen or a watch, and equally, when buying some things as expensive as a car. ICOs and ICO development should not be an exception to this perspective. While cannot essentially be concluded that all new companies are bad, it is always a good idea to look at the reputation of a company before you invest your money in ICO development. It is also, parallel to this, recommended that you read reviews, participate in crypto forums and find out about the company.

Know your developers

More than five years ago, blockchain developers were hard to find. Today, they are as common as mushrooms after rain. The strategy to find out the best developers goes in line with the method to find out your best ICO development company. The history of the developers speaks a lot about their credibility. The developers should have all round skills when it comes to ICO development including but not limited to blockchain development, smart contact development, and cryptocurrency development.

The marketing muscle

Marketing is one of the most important aspects of your ICO, and as much as development plays a role, marketing place an equally important role when it comes to the success of your ICO. Therefore, you will need to consider the marketing prowess of your ICO development partners. They should not only be well-versed in the textbook aspects of marketing like participation in crypto forums and the other genetic digital marketing methods. They should also have complete command over the basic marketing processes like competitor analysis and product positioning. It is to be remembered that at a point in time when ICOs have become so common and the possibilities of two ICOs created for funding similar projects exist, marketing is what makes the difference between the mediocre and the excellent.

The plan proposal

Irrespective of the legacy of the company or the experience of the developers, this one aspect alone can serve as a litmus test for the credibility of company. The ICO is not some thing that is planned on a Tuesday and executed on Wednesday but something that involves putting together a lot of aspects like the idea, the project, the product, the timelines, the marketing, and a lot more. An ICO development company that is adept in this art will ensure that all these aspects are put in place.

More than just putting these in place, it should also make practical sense. The practicality is measured in the time taken for each process and the budget allocated for each aspect. If a company knows the nook and corner of planning all these aspects of an ICO, it can trump the other factors like history and the credibility of the development team.

The legal dimension

This is probably the most challenging section of ICO development. This problem lies not only with ICO but with almost everything involving Diskit and cryptocurrency. Some countries like the United States, Estonia, Malta and Gibraltar have been quite progressive in excepting this new technology and all its manifestations. Australia has even gone ahead and excepted cryptocurrency as a valid property and sometimes, even as an instrument of transaction instead of cash. Countries like India, on the other hand, have legalized cryptocurrency trading but have not legalized cryptocurrency usage for transactions. China and South Korea are in the polar opposite of acceptance where they have banned anything and everything related to crypto.

With this level of diversity, it is important to understand the legal implications of your business. Any ICO development company should assist the crypto entrepreneurs in the legal process.

The legal aspect becomes increasingly important especially after the dubious history of ICOs being tarnished by a lot of instances of scams. In 2017, infamously, more than half of the ICOs floated were scams. Considering this aspect, it is always mandatory as a crypto entrepreneur to establish the legal credibility of your project, your ICOs, and your tokens.

In some countries like the United States ICOs have become increasingly regulated. Has come to a level where the SEC determines whether or not a token is a security not by its definition but by its behavior. However, the legal systems of most other countries are yet to catch up. Cryptocurrency laws might change overnight in certain jurisdictions. Therefore, your ICO development company should be shoulder to shoulder with the latest advancements in the crypto regulations for the jurisdiction in which the ICOs will be incorporated.

The documentations

One of the most important documents in the entire process of an ICO is the white paper. The white paper is extremely useful if your investor target involves high profile investors. This paper is generally provided by the ICOs development company. The ICO white paper should be extremely comprehensive detailing on the terms and conditions, the reports, the referral programs, and a lot of other aspects. The extent of detailing on the white paper should also serve as a yardstick for you to measure the credibility of the ICO development company.


There is no question that ICOs will be one of the most sought after fundraising methods of the future, and it is quite possible that ICOs might move out of the confines of crypto and blockchain. Set might be a time when raising funds through an ICO is good enough to market the company and the project.

However, right now ICO development is in its adolescence. It is neither too young not fully developed. Therefore, it has to be dealt with meticulous care. This article has been composed to help entrepreneurs find the best ICO development partners.