The most important part about moving and settling down in a place is the installation of appliances and facilities because unlike other features of your home- such as a sofa, they cannot be moved around once fixed at a place. Additionally, they also require necessary power outlets for their functioning, therefore you need to be extra careful and smart while installing the appliances. Especially when it comes to heaters, you need to be very decisive, since it is not only necessary to keep you and your family warm in freezing winters but to also ensure it is a practical investment, given your lifestyle. 


Only a decade back, there were homes with in-built chimneys, however, in this modern era, chimneys are nowhere in modern houses, thus leaving it to the resident’s preference, as they are able to benefit from the novel ways of heating your home, such as with an electric heater. Ever since electric heaters have hit the market, gas heaters have seemed to go out of sight. To help you explain why electric heaters are replacing gas heaters, despite the drastic difference between the prices of the fuel they consume, we have made a brief list of all the reasons that make people favor electric heaters over the gas ones.



  • Installation


Due to the humongous size of gas furnaces, there is no way a regular person can install them without seeking professional assistance. They also produce lots of fumes and smoke due to constant combustion, therefore installing a gas heater without a chimney is preposterous. Chimneys usually go for extremely high prices, and in addition to everything, building a chimney works only for big houses, as chimneys are so huge in size, that in tiny houses they would take most of the space in the already space deprived area.  Most of the Electric heaters, on the other hand, are not only portable, but they can also easily be installed as they do not require any venting system.



  • Lifespan


Due to the constant combustion taking place in gas furnaces, they last for about 10 to 15 years, which is a shorter lifespan if compared to the longevity of electric heaters of fine quality.



  • Safety


Installing a gas heater, without a carbon monoxide and gas leakage detector, is extremely perilous, as not only leakage of the gas can potentially set the place on fire, the constant inhalation of air infused with poisonous gas like carbon monoxide can damage the lungs and produce a number of respiratory issues.



  • Cost


It is no secret that there is a huge difference between the cost of installing a gas and electric heater, as unlike electric heaters, gas heaters necessitate buying its counterparts, such as a chimney, etc. There are now electric heaters in markets that are designed to consume less electricity and provide more heat, hence reducing your electric bill.



  • Maintenance


For efficient working of gas heaters, it is essential to carry out maintenance once a year by a professional.  On the other hand, maintaining electric heaters is far easier and anyone can do it themselves by reading the directions from the guide book that comes with the appliance.