Printing expenses can take up a huge portion of your company’s resources. Although this expense may seem small in the beginning it becomes a huge number within a few days span. Naturally, a company would want to minimize its administration cost, but that would require picking an efficient printing option among all the available alternatives.

We all love vivid colors and bright images but it would be beneficial to use a monochrome printer for business or studies as compared to the colored printer.

Most of the office work and even students require black and white printed documents rather than colored images so a monochrome printer seems like an efficient printing device for everyday use.

Benefits of having a black and white printer

A monochrome printer is a multifunctional modern device. It includes all the other perks like wireless, laser printing technology, etc. just like a colored printer. When it comes to the best printers there are various factors that need to be addressed before making the purchase e.g. the print quality, size, speed, etc.

Here are the top four reasons why monochrome multifunctional printers could be the best option for everyday tasks.

1. The best alternative for people who don’t require color

For people who do not require colored printing, getting a monochrome printer is the best option. For those who want to print only black and white documents, a big investment in a colored printer seems useless.

One of the foremost things to consider when buying a monochrome printer is the quality of the print itself. There are many black-and-white printers of high-end quality, so one does not have to invest a lot in buying expensive colored printers. For this, you may opt for Xerox UAE based manufacturers in the printer industry as they provide different options to meet your printing needs effectively.

2. Easier to maintain

Color printers are normally bigger in size and heavier as compared to their monochrome variant. Black and white printers are also faster in printing than colored printers. Hence, monochrome printers are easier to maintain and manage. The printer keeps everything minimal as one does not need to purchase expensive multi-colored cartridges.

The printer itself does not make much noise when printing especially if the MFP is of a reputable company. There are several options available to the users when it comes to monochrome printers and printing trays. If your daily printing requirement is a lot then you can opt for two printing trays to speed up the overall printing.

3. Speed

A monochrome laser printer is more precise and faster when it comes to printing documents. A laser printer moves quickly so it can print more words per minute than a colored printer. Therefore, if you have a pile of documents to be printed and don’t want to take it forever to finish then a monochrome printer could be the option for you, as they as faster.

4. Cost-efficient        

Monochrome printers are much less expensive than color laser printers when it comes to both buying and running. Office black-and-white printers provide a cost-effective alternative to businesses doing printing presses and students who want printers for daily use.

These printers are easier to use as compared to the colored printers and the cost per page is less with these monochrome printers. These printers only use one black toner cartridge whereas a colored printer uses 4 cartridges such as black, yellow, magenta, and cyan. When it comes to color printing, it uses more toner to print a single page as compared to a monochrome printer.

5. Availability of printer consumables

Printer consumables of a monochrome MFP are much easily available as compared to their alternate versions. These consumables are also less expensive.

In order to get more value out of your monochrome printer make sure to buy high-quality cartridges made by the original printer manufacturers. This would ensure better printing quality and performance as well as more prints per cartridge. For this make sure to buy a printer with easily available cartridges like Xerox Ink Cartridges etc.

Buying according to your printing needs

Most people think that the more expensive a device is the better it functions, but that is not always the case. Monochrome printers are generally more affordable as compared to colored printers and they perform great at printing documents in black and white.

A monochrome printer easily prints the same amount of pages as a colored printer at a lower cost. If you are expecting to print a lot of text, then a monochrome printer would be the best option. These printers are also better for the environment as they use fewer parts like toner cartridges so less plastic ends up in the landfills, especially if your MFP is of a good company like Xerox printer manufacturers.

There is definitely a number of things to consider and common mistake to avoid when choosing a printer. Take time to evaluate your needs before you make a purchase.