Are you encountering Quicken error code 101? If yes, then the very first cause behind this is when you try to download transactions from the bank with one step update service. There are some error codes that can arise because of stored outdated login credentials like Error 101 Connect, Error 103, Cc-scrape 101, Quicken error 101 Add or Quicken error code 103.

You do not need to switch to another service as these issues are for a short time span once you fix it. This article is all about the solution and causes that lead to this issue. Thus, you need to take a thorough walk and resolve the issue.

Quicken error Code 101, 103

Precise Reason for Quicken Error code 101 Problem

Check-out the possible reasons behind the Error 101 issue:

  1.     Because of outdated stored password in Error 101 can occur
  2.     Invalid password in a key-chain access

Remember: When you are updating the accounts, you may also face the following error: Quicken Error CC-501Quicken Error CC-502

Methods to Fix Quicken Error Code 101

Here are the following tricks that will help you terminate the issue and will make your Quicken software work smoothly:

METHOD 1: Deactivate the accounts affected by the error 101

  1.     Open your Quicken application on your system
  2.     Now, navigate to ‘Accounts’ and select ‘Hide and show accounts’ option
  3.     Next, de-select the accounts that and unseen in the list of specific financial institution
  4.     Now, go to account register>click ‘Settings’ located at the bottom of the page
  5.     Thereafter, move to ‘At your financial Institution’ section and tap ‘Troubleshooting’
  6.     Then, click on ‘Deactivate Downloads’
  7.     Next, ‘Save’
  8.   Lastly, close Quicken once the process is complete

Note: You have to repeat for all the accounts which are encountered by error codes

METHOD 2: Follow Deletion process of Quicken Password from Keychain

Apply the following steps to delete the Quicken password:

  1.     Go to ‘Finder’>Applications>Utilities>Keychain>Access app
  2.     Now, jump to left side of Keychain and set the keychain to Login and Category to Passwords
  3.     Thereafter, find Quicken, Quicken Cloud or Financial Institution that is creating issue and delete it
  4.     Lastly, close the Keychain Access app to open Quicken to verify is the problem resolved or not

METHOD 3: Update the list of Bank in Quicken

Follow the given steps and update the bank list in Quicken:

  1.     Open Quicken Software
  2.     Next, navigate to Accounts>click New>Select similar account type having issue in Quicken
  3.     Then, scroll to the bottom of the page, and tap Question mark icon (?) declaring ‘My bank is not listed’
  4.     Thereafter, click on ‘Update List’
  5.     Now, once the list is updated, the current date will be shown
  6.     Lastly, tap ‘Show List’ and ‘Continue’

METHOD 4: Re-add the account

If you encounter the Quicken Error code 101 while updating or adding then re-add the account to break the hurdle. You also need to do this:

  1.     First, state the name of financial institution
  2.     Next, enter the login credentials and click ‘Continue’
  3.     Once Quicken returns all accounts discover FI, and link each to an accurate account

Avail Quicken Technical Help

Were you able to fix Quicken Error 101 from the above methods? In case not then you can take instant help from the technical expert’s help. They are highly experienced in this field and have been tacking such issues of customers on a regular basis. Thus, if you seek help from them, you will receive the exact solution and the guidance to apply. You can apply and resolve the issue without taking any stress. They provide the service all around the clock, 24*7 for the customers.


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