Transporting hefty machinery can be a challenge. Getting your heavy duty vehicle or tractor towed and recovered requires the right equipment and expertise. You must choose the appropriate heavy machinery transporter and choose among the best options for towing service if you do a little research when it comes to selecting a towing service you can book with confidence knowing that your heavy burden is on professional care than contact at All Sydney Tow Truck. Our teams at Petersham, Marrickville and Kingsgrove are expert in flawless towing of hefty machinery.

At All Sydney Tow Truck, we have the experience you need for the flawless towing of heavy machinery.

There are some tips by All Sydney Tow Truck for Flawless Towing of a Hefty Machinery:

  • You have to know the weight of your machine that you are towing, how much the truck can handle, how much your truck can pull  and other workings such as how to load various cargos, how to load the machinery on truck.
  • When you need to get your heavy machinery moved from one place to another, you want to work with a safe load and keep the heavy equipment in place. You can lessen the risk of damage during sudden stops, accidents and high-speed turn by strong tie downs, secured vehicle equipment, proper heavy equipment and machine protection.
  • Make sure your vehicle’s gross vehicle weight rating is in line with what you are towing. Anything that exceeds the truck’s weight limit can cause accidents.
  • Lock the machinery to prevent articulation if it has components such as a pivot or hinge. Confirm the final height and width of the machinery that you are towing.
  • You need at least four ties down points to prevent side to side movement as well as vertical, forward and rearward movement, especially if your machinery has wheels.
  • The total working load limits of the tie down scheme of machinery must be at least 50% of the cargo weight.

All Sydney Tow Truck is ideal for large and hefty machinery in NSW. You can hire highly trained professional for any road situation and handling of hefty machinery in the areas of Petersham, Marrickville and Kingsgrove. You can count us for the most immediate assistance. We are always here to assist you.


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