Foreign investors have some interesting news due to recent geopolitical developments and the emergence of several financial factors. In short, the cohesion of events is a significant drop in US real estate prices, as well as capital migration from Russia and China. Among foreign investors, this suddenly and significantly led to demand for real estate in California.

Our research shows that China alone has spent $ 22 billion on US housing in the last 12 months, much more than last year. The Chinese in particular have significant benefits from their strong local economy, stable exchange rates, improved access to credit and a desire for diversified and secure investments.

We can cite a number of reasons why foreign investors are demanding an increase in American real estate, but the main attraction is the worldwide recognition of the fact that the United States currently has a growing economy compared to other developed countries. You can combine this growth and stability with the fact that the United States has a transparent legal system that makes it a simple form of non-US investment, and we have both full-time and financial rights. There is compatibility … which creates a great opportunity! The United States also does not control the currency, making it easier to remove, making it a very attractive opportunity to invest in American real estate.

Here are some facts that will be helpful to those considering investing in real estate, especially in the United States and California. Sometimes we use complex language for these subjects and try to understand it.

This article summarizes some of the following topics: Taxation of foreign institutions and international investors. Doing Business or Occupation in the United States: A Tax on American Institutions and Individuals. Effectively related income. Income offline effectively. Branch income tax. Additional interest tax. In the United States, City Immobilienmakler GmbH in hannover withholding tax on payments made to a foreign investor. Foreign companies. Partnerships. real estate investment trust. Tax protection of the contract. Income tax revenue in the branch. Business profit. Income from real estate. Use of capital gains and contract / benefit restrictions in third countries.

We invest in US real estate interests, in the definition of US real estate interests, in the US real estate company “USRPHC” and in the US definition of real estate interests “USRPI” through foreign companies, in the foreign real estate investment tax law “FIRTTA”. Exceptions to suspension and termination.

Outside the United States. Citizens choose to invest in American real estate for a variety of reasons, and they will have very different goals and objectives. Many want to ensure that all tasks are completed completely, quickly, correctly, and that they are specific and, in some cases, not fully identified. Secondly, the issue of the confidentiality of your investments is very important. With the advent of the Internet, private information has become increasingly public. While you may be required to disclose information for tax purposes, you should not disclose and view property rights worldwide. One of the purposes of secrecy is to protect legitimate property from creditors’ claims or suspicions of litigation. In general, the fewer individuals, companies, or government agencies know about your personal belongings, the better.

Reducing taxes on your U.S. investments is also an important consideration. When investing in American real estate, you need to consider whether the property generates income and whether that income is “negative income” or income from business or occupation. Another concern, especially for seniors, is whether the investor is in the U.S. for real estate tax purposes.

The purpose of a limited liability company, partnership or limited partnership is to create a protective shield between you personally for any liability arising out of the business of the company. Limited liability companies offer better structural flexibility and better creditor protection than limited holdings, and companies generally prefer to own small assets. Limited liability companies are not subject to record-keeping procedures that are subject to companies.

If an investor uses a limited liability company or corporation to purchase property, the business must be registered with the California Secretary of State. In this way, articles for the inclusion or disclosure of information are visible to the world, including the identity of the company’s employees and manager or the manager of a limited liability company.

A great example is California California Real Estate LLC and Delaware LLC, which acts as the manager of California LLC, creating a two-tier structure to help protect you.