Youtube has emerged to be one of the most famous platforms and industrial base ecumenical and a quotidian office of influencers. In recent years influencers have emerged as a class of their own.

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Their employment mainly can be demonstrated as content engenderers to build a unique aliment inspired by curated lives around them. Their salaried work is sponsorships and brand collaborations and product promotion and perks include free trips, designer attire, invitations ecumenical.

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Due to COVID – 19, the vocation or zealousness of YouTubers and celebrities has been under precarious fire. They have to stay isolated in there homes and preserve themselves from the pernicious virus.

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Yet the fact remains that they have to connect with the adherents and be a component of the current zeitgeist. Covid-19 had been silently putting lives to slumber and has dominated the world as a result the YouTubers find it harder to access their job on YouTube.

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All the worldly sectors and industries have been frozen and socializing have been rescinded. In such a devastating condition the YouTubers are coping with the situation and had found a way to play out.

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They are prominent of their responsibilities as YouTubers and have been keenly performing their content engendered activities by keeping in mind the pernicious pandemic. As they have been spreading cognizance and inspiration to incentivize their adherents in the subsisting situation. Why wondering?

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Here are some futuristic facts that could transpire with YouTubers in the post- COVID world:

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1. Youtubers as youth managers
Youtubers are a high medium to connect with the highly populated youth Petronas. There one recommendation is enough to influence the high mass of the audience. All most every industry is accessing YouTubers as their youth managers to increment the traffic and this will grow more in future.

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As YouTubers by there unique content ideas attract viewers, by proper planning and control on what they are going to present in front the users they could turn out to have a good number of subscribers following them as viewers do watch a video but only subscribe those who make them feel to watch the videos repeatedly.

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2. Youtubers as wealth profiteers
Youtubers in future shall act as wealth profiteers for sundry organizations and charities by spreading cognizance in any sudden situation like COVID-19 or disaster and profit the treasury of the charity or organisation in the nuke of convivial accommodations.

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Current glimpses have been found when the world health organisation (WHO) implemented this strategy and raised their funding. By going for such noble cause they will be famous in no time and will get an added advantage to have a great number of influences on the crowd and never let them get out of touch.

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3. Youtubers as futuristic illimitability
The futuristic illimitability is something that hasn’t been analysed thoroughly yet and that’s how influencers are going to act in society. As their vocation is to transforming along with technologies and systems and they could be present anywhere at any time for anything. The AI and IoT companies have already taken steps to include YouTubers in their communities as a live sample.

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These live samples through their army power can make anything possible and get benefits of exposure and recognition as a result of being part of that community. To win the platinum play box, the YouTubers need to supply such content that hasn’t been bombarded yet. As the public always wants to see something special and unique that makes the successful YouTubers stand out.

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