Gelatin is an important functional biopolymer widely used in foods to improve elasticity, consistency, and stability. It can be obtained not only from the skin and bones of land animals, but also from fish and insects. In recent years gelatins from fish and edible insects provide an alternative source that is acceptable for halal (Muslim) and kosher (Jewish) products, gelatin extraction has been reported for different fishes and insects. In gelatin manufacture, two methods are usually used: the acid and the alkaline processes, to produce type A and type B gelatins, respectively. In cosmetic and health care products, gelatin is used as a gelling ingredient in shampoos, body lotions, face cream, hair sprays, sunscreens and bath salts and bubbles. Pharmaceutical industries it is used for encapsulation of different drug products. In food industries, it is used as stabilizers, thickeners, emulsifiers, foaming agents, water binder, and crystal growth modifier. They are incorporated in confectionaries, gum drops, sauces and gravies, dairy products such as ice-creams, and in beverages. Moreover, Gelatin is nearly tasteless and odorless (FCC). It is a vitreous, brittle solid faintly yellow in color. Gelatin contains 8- 13% moisture and has a relative density of 1.3-1.4. Gelatin stored in air-tight containers at room temperature remains unchanged for long periods of time. When dry gelatin is heated above 45° C in air at relatively high humidity (above 60% RH) it gradually loses its ability to swell and dissolve. To add on, Gelatin, in terms of basic elements is composed of 50.5% carbon, 6.8% hydrogen, 17% nitrogen and 25.2% oxygen.

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  • Based on extraction material, the market is fragmented into pig skin, bovine hides and cattle bones. Gelatin is a flavorless, translucent, and brittle food product derived from animal collagen. Growing demand for convenience foods owing to the changing lifestyles has driven the market positively.
  • Based on function, the market is segmented into stabilizers, thickeners and gelling agent. It has been observed that Gelatin plays a vital role in strengthening joint health and brain function and may also improve the appearance of skin and hair.
  • Based on application, the market is mainly bifurcated into food& beverages, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, photography and personal care. Increasing importance of emulsifying property in the food & beverage industry has further catalyzed the growth. Moreover, companies continue to focus on R&D for the development of alternative sources for gelatin production.
  • For better understanding on the market dynamics of Gelatin market, detailed analysis was conducted for different regions including North America (United States, Canada and Rest of North America), Europe ( United Kingdom, Germany, France, Russia, Italy and Rest of Europe), Asia Pacific (India, China, Japan, Australia, South Korea and Rest of Asia Pacific) and Rest of World
  • Some of the major players operating in the market include, Rousselot, Capsugel, Inc, Catalent Pharma Solutions, Gelita AG, PB Gelatin, Sterling Biotech Ltd, Weishardt Group, Nitta Gelatin, Tessenderlo Group and Vornia Biomaterials

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