The packaging is probably the last thing whose expenses would need to be pondered upon by any businessman. Their costs can vary depending upon several factors. We can optimize those factors to acquire cheap cardboard boxes for bulk packaging requirements. Some of those factors shall be discussed in this article.

Go For Bulk Orders

From a businessman’s perspective, anything that is produced in large quantities has less unit cost in comparison to something that is produced in small quantities. The reason behind this is that there are certain preparations that need to be done by the vendor before they can start producing a new and customized product.

Similar is the case of the cardboard packaging manufacturers, the preparations they have to do cost money, and they try to compensate it in the price of their products, which is quite natural too. Therefore, even if you do not need large quantities at the time of order placement, you must procure it for the future.

That would not only cost less, but it is also convenient for the manufacturers since he did not have to change his production settings for small quantities. Consider it a first rule to acquire cheap cardboard boxes for your products. Never order small quantities!!

Use Simple Printing Patterns


When we are talking about bulk quantities, printing is a very impactful factor for the costs. It can be naturally assumed that printing jobs with more colors, and complex printing and high resolution would cost more than the simpler ones.

The printing on the cardboard packaging has no practical impact on your target audience; they will never get to see your boxes. They are only useful for the transporters and retailers to identify your products inside. Therefore, they are not required to have any beautiful and complex colorful patterns.

A single color brand and product name printing would serve the sufficiency in their desired purpose. They would contribute a great deal towards decreasing the price further. The cheap cardboard boxes are not just by their material; their costs can be further minimized by selecting suitable printing techniques.

The Choice of Manufacturer


The cost of your boxes shall be greatly affected by your choice of the manufacturer. There can be several reputed vendors that are commonly known in the market, owing to several satisfied clients. But that does not mean they are the most suitable ones.

Consider yourself for a while in their boots; why would you sell your products for cheaper rates when you know that you do not need to? They can be expected to have 24/7 running orders with no scarcity of customers.
Their rates shall naturally be higher than feasibility; therefore, they are not the ideal choice for cheap cardboard boxes. However, there can be several small and new companies that are struggling to get new clients from the market. They shall have rates better than the market norms. You should approach them for your cardboard packaging boxes. A sincere word of advice, ‘never seek the biggest fish”.

Used Boxes


It may sound absurd, but used boxes can really be considered. One of the best solutions to get cheap cardboard boxes is contacting the scrap dealers. They can be naturally assumed to possess very large quantities of boxes of variable sizes. Nothing is wrong with them; they are just set for reprocessing with all their features intact.

But there is a catch regarding getting the used boxes. You have to sterilize them before you can proceed to pack your products. Even that is not necessary if your product is not sensitive to contamination. This method of acquiring cardboard packaging is only suitable for shipping boxes; however, the primary packaging of the product has to be virgin.

The reason behind their suitability for shipping is that they would never be seen by the end-user of the product. Therefore, their quality only matters during the transportation of the products. You can use stickers to help identify the products inside.

There can be several tactics to reduce the expense of your cardboard packaging; a few of them have been explained in this article. Still, there are several aspects you can optimize to reduce the costs further, but the basics would always be the same.