Cannabis is quite sensitive as the products made of it get easily spoiled, so they always need a safe packaging. The cannabis industry has come a long way in the last few years. These days, simply handing off your product in an unmarked baggie just doesn’t cut it. Legal reasons aside, your packaging needs to do a lot more marketing work. With so many products from so many different producers on dispensary shelves, the way you package your products can be a game-changer.

So what is good packaging? A complete packaging must convey all the necessary information. All cannabis packaging needs to have specific, regulated information present before it goes to market. This includes your brand’s name, net weight, product, batch info, and warning symbols.

 In many cases, the difference between “just ok” packaging and “great” packaging is how you present the info. Even with all the standardized data, you can still have a well-designed container!


 Taking the risk of low-quality plastic packaging for your cannabis product can cause major issues for your business. Sub-par packaging can increase the risk of product recalls, decrease your profitability, and diminish your brand’s quality. The cannabis packaging you use makes a big impression on consumers. You can get these packaging from CBD boxes wholesale at reasonable rates.


 Your packaging is a crucial part of branding that can truly make or break your product. It can communicate a specific message and inform consumers about the quality of your goods, or it can drive folks away if the information is not clear. Well-designed containers certainly appeal to the eye and make a statement on the shelf, but remember to provide important info – including potential risks and hazards – will illustrate the integrity of your brand to customers.


There are various types of custom printed cannabis packaging is used according to the requirements. Some are; 

1-Rigid cannabis packaging:

This type of packaging is defined as any container whose structure is unyielding, hard packaging made of a material such as glass and metal. Hard material provides the marijuana product with excellent mechanical protection. It also holds its form well, which makes for a consistent packaging presentation. Most rigid container materials are made of completely nonporous material, easy to clean, and are hygienic, which allow for a longer shelf life of its contents.


  • 2-Semi-rigid cannabis packaging: This type of packaging is defined as any container whose structure has some give, and holds its form well unless a moderate amount of pressure is exerted. They are neither rigid nor flexible. These containers are made of a material such as aluminum (such as thin cans), carton (a duplex board or triplex board made into boxes or paper tubes), thermoformed plastic containers (using plastic sheets molded into containers such as plastic tubs and cups). It is a lot lighter than rigid containers, making transport and storage cheaper. It doesn’t break, shatter, or tear, so it is hardy against handling and wear-and-tear.


  • 3- Flexible Cannabis packaging: This type of packaging is made of a yieldable material. When filled and sealed, flexible containers may change in shape. Examples of these containers are bags, pouches, envelopes, sachets, or wraps, made of paper, plastic film, aluminum (foil), or a combination of these (usually ranging from 13-75 micrometres in thickness). It is recyclable, and once the product is consumed, it can be used for other purposes.

There are many customization options available to further increase a flexible container type’s ease of use for customer handling as well as for branding purposes (i.e., tear notches, hang holes, degassing valve, adding clear windows on an opaque body, matte and gloss spot laminate, holographic foiling, and foil stamping, and so on)


Furthermore, There are mainly two different options for the materials. Both materials are the best for the cannabis product. Moreover, these materials are cardboard and eco-Kraft. Additionally, these two are different from each other in the body but take no compromise on providing safety to the cannabis products. Furthermore, these materials would hold cannabis products correctly and would give them an excellent display. Custom cannabis boxes wholesale is the great option to choose packaging at good rates.


The cardboard material consists of two liners and the flutes. Like, the two liners contain flutes between them and formed a final material look. The plus point of this material is that you can increase its thickness. Moreover, if you want to increase the depth, the flutes would be added between the two liners. This material is thicker than a standard paper. Additionally, by using this material, you do not need to take tension about the safety of cannabis products.

EcoKraft is a type of material that is also known as nature-friendly material. This material is easy to recycle. The appearance of this material is like a paper, but you can ask for an increase in thickness. This would give absolute protection to the cannabis products that you would keep in it.

Additionally, there are some styles that you can add to your custom boxes to make them look stunning among others;

1-Two-piece boxes

2-Sleeve boxes

3-Tuck-end boxes

4-Hexagon boxes


Different embellishments can give your boxes an amazing and attractive look and can enhance the purchasing power. Following are some features that work for adding beauty to your cannabis boxes;

  • Coating
  • Foiling
  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Color 
  • Printing (CMYK, PMS)
  • Die-cut window
  • PVC window