The demand for HP printers is rising daily as it is one of the most essential devices for today’s work. Due to the wide number of features to deliver fine prints every time, it is one of the most useful components for people around the globe. The HP printer is such a device that helps people convert the documentation that triggers the computer. Therefore it’s quite necessary to understand the concept regarding How to Setup HP Wireless Printer for the smooth functioning of the printer. In current days, printing has become a very easy task and HP has offered the top-notch and innovative quality of printers. Due to this, the task of printing has become hassle-free and the picture quality has improved a lot. To access the device properly, you need to do the HP Wireless Printer Setup properly before you try to print anything. Correspondingly, the setup of the HP wireless printer sometimes becomes a task that is full of technical hassles. So, here are the simple steps to do the HP Wireless Printer Setup. Go through it accordingly to avoid any sort of trouble.

Printers are sensitive devices that are used per day to produce bulk prints. Technical failure is therefore bound to occur after the device remains workable for an unrestrained period of time. Now, it’s hard to detect errors on the first go with sophisticated devices. Expert advice is, therefore, necessary to avoid complicating printer problems. Here we, Tech Support Expert, provide you with complete assistance regarding the HP printers. We are the one-stop-shop where you will find all the answers for How to do HP wireless Printer setup in minutes.

How to Connect To Wi-Fi Direct or HP Wireless Direct?

Here are the guides for connecting to Wi-Fi Direct or HP Wireless Direct:

  1. First, open the printer’s control panel and then on that turn on HP wireless direct or Wi-Fi Direct
  2. On your mobile device or computer, make sure the Wi-Fi transistor is on and then connect to HP wireless direct or Wi-Fi Direct the same way you would for any other wireless network
  3. If you turned HP wireless direct on with security, provide the WPA2 password when prompted by your operating device
  4. If you are failing in doing that, then try to install the printer software for your computer. Choose the “Wireless” option for the connectivity from the printer software UI. For mobile devices, you’ll need to install the latest version of the HP printer plug-in application

Once the printer is successfully connected to your network, you can use your printer to print, scan or fax the document or anything.

Setup HP Wireless Printer on your computer:

Follow the below-mentioned steps for HP Wireless Printer Setup. Also by following this method, you can connect the HP printer to Wi-Fi.

  • The first step is obviously will be to turn on your Wireless printer
  • Use the touch screen in the wireless printer to connect it to your network.
  • On the touch screen panel, touch the right arrow key and then “setup”.
  • Select “Network” and then “Wireless Setup Wizard”, this will search for wireless routers in the range.
  • Now select your Network or SSID from the list.
  • Enter the password for the network and then touch “Done”.
  • Setup is done, so press “OK” to confirm and again touch “OK” to print the wireless report or simply click “Skip”.

You have installed the wireless printer successfully and this printer. You should now be capable of browsing to the printer and print to it. By doing the above-cited manner you are capable of doing HP printer wireless setup without CD. But if anyways you’re not able to install your printer then contact HP Printer Assistant or HP Printer Tech Support on their professional website.

Now that we have learned how to install an HP wireless printer, let us answer a few questions that you may have approximately putting in your HP wireless printer.

That’s all! Well, creating an HP Wireless Printer Setup isn’t always as difficult as you observed. Still, if there’s any doubt about your thoughts related to a wireless connection, then feel free to make contact with HP printer Customer Support executive and learn how to create an HP Wireless printer setup in a green manner. They will teach you all of the possible yet simplest ways to revel in the community printing within your premises.