Nowadays, it is almost normal to get free earbuds when you buy a new smartphone. Unfortunately, the freebies are of low-quality, and either they have bad sound quality or don’t run longer. It is good to buy new wireless earbuds wholesale as there are many options in earbuds. They are available in different styles, sizes, designs, colors, and prices. Customers usually focus one the design, brand, and price of the earbuds while buying and making the final decision. Earbuds are small and expensive devices. But investing in a good-quality earbud is worthy. Selecting the best and right wireless earbuds according to your smartphone is a challenging task to do.

Before making a decision and investing in wireless earbuds, you should check the following factors.

Specifications of earbuds:

Instead of focusing on the brand tag, looks, and price, an intelligent customer knows that these factors do not measure the quality. There are some technical specs of wireless earbuds, you should know and check these specs especially while online wireless earbuds shopping.

·         Sensitivity:

The sensitivity of the earbuds refers to the sound pressure level by which the earbuds can go. It identifies how much it can be loud. You must go with the mid-range level of the earbud sensitivity for safe music listening. Above this range can be dangerous for ears.

·         Drivers:

Drivers are the spec that changes electrical signals into sound pressure. With your device, drivers of earbuds are responsible for creating sound.

·         Impedance:

Then another important spec is the impedance of the earbuds which means the current provided to your device to the earbuds to work. You should check that your earbuds impedance match the impedance of the source.

·         Frequency response:

The range of the sound frequencies of the earbuds is also important to know. It helps in selecting the right device according to the need.

Perfect fit:

When it comes to wireless earbuds, a perfect fit for your ear is very important. Earbuds should be perfectly fit ears as it affects the comfortability. A good earbud has this quality that fits your ear securely and snugly. Make sure that they are comfortable like they have foam tips, specialized ease earbuds, and custom-molded tips according to your ear shape.

Types and specifications:

There are different sizes, and shapes of the earbuds according to various purposes. You need to select according to your need which depends on the activity for which you are buying them. Wireless earbuds also have a specification of saving charging, wireless charging, volume setting, etc.