Car theft is one of the highest reported crime around the globe. According to the statistics, car-related crimes were 26% (98000) of all the crime incidents across the UK. With this increasing crime rate, car theft has become one of the major problems. There are many ways to encounter car-theft problems. An effective strategy to prevent car-theft problems is the ‘layer approach’. This layered approach says that you several layers to protect your car. For instance, these layers include

  1. The first layer involves locking your car doors and windows appropriately.
  2. Secondly, you can add warning devices to your vehicle involving security alarms, tire locks, brake locks etc.
  3. Subsequently, the third layer of use for vehicle protection is using car immobiliser devices. These include car and fobs, ghost car security immobiliser etc.

Common anti-car-theft devices

Common observation tells that vehicles that offer the least resistance are more susceptible to these car crimes. Therefore, locking your car appropriately as well as adding audible alarms is essential for any vehicle owner. However, when we talk about the anti-theft devices making the third layer, they are quite effective in protecting against the car-theft. These devices come with functional and operational variety. Car theft protection devices protect your vehicle as well as gives you peace of mind. Some of these car theft devices are:

1- Steering wheel locks:

As evident from the name, we use this device to lock the steering wheel of the car. This is a quite simple and effective anti-theft device. This device hinders the intruder from driving the car and needs unlocking the steering. Steering lock also comes in a variety of sizes and types. One of the examples of this kind of steering wheel locks is the one present between the rim of the wheel. During installation, we extend and lock on either side which makes it impossible to operate the car.

2- Hood locks:

Another important anti-theft device is the hood lock. Normally, we install this device to lock down the hood. Moreover, hood locking prevents the car thief from stealing your car accessories including batteries and other parts. These locks show similarity to the hood pins with a major difference. Hood locks require a key to open them and prevents the stealing of your battery and engine.

3- Tire lock:

Tire lock is installed onto the tire immobilizing the car. Tire look prevents the car by preventing the car wheels from moving.  is used to secure your car and from preventing it from moving. Moreover, the police departments use these locks to immobilize the cars whose drivers failed to break a traffic rule or commit a traffic crime. These wheel locks are made from 4 lug nuts with one key. These nuts are compatible with the specific keys so it is impossible to open these locks without using a specific key.

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4- Kill switches:

Another car protection device is the kill switch. People often use these kill switches to disable the electronic system of a car. These devices work after you lock your car and open after performing a series of a function. Further, these switches are relatively complex and need more time to install as compared to the commonly used antitheft devices.

5- Car immobiliser:

Generally speaking, an immobiliser is a device that hinders the running of a car engine. Car immobiliser needs the right security key to initiate a car engine. Further, sing an immobiliser can disable your engine and fuel system so that your car won’t start. Car immobilisers give sufficient protection against car theft as these key are quite difficult to crack. These immobilisers are also available in a variety. Some of the common examples of these immobilisers are touch key, remote and transponder immobiliser.

6- Car alarms:

These car alarm systems protect the car intruders by generating audible messages. These alarm systems also work as a deterrent as they come with display stickers.


These car theft devices have their own pros and cons. You can use them individually or in combination to achieve reasonable security for your vehicle. However, if you are looking for the best vehicle security products in the UK, Secure My Vehicle is there for you. visit web site