Groovepages vs clickfunnels – Finally there is an alternative to clickfunnels for your sales funnel builder clickfunnels vs groovefunnels which is the best

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Through this article I might talk about groovepages / groovefunnels as people are reffering to them in the same way
Have you been wanting to build a sales funnel but keep looking at clickfunnels and wondering if it is the best choice for what you want to do, Maybe you have seen clickfunnel reviews but arent too sure who to trust.

Well you no longer have to think just Clickfunnels as there is a whole new competitor on the market and they are called Groovefunels. But of course now the big question you should be asking yourself is which one is the best Groovefunels or Clickfunnels.

In this review we are going to put them head to head, and take the gloves of to find out who will win when we go Clickfunnels Vs Groovefunnels.

Hope your ready, lets jump straight in.

GrooveFunnels Vs ClickFunnels Overview
Groovefunnels Review?
Groovefunnels is the brain child of Russel Brusons (Clickfunnels Owner) old mentor Mike Filsaime, (Who Built Several Huge Softwares Such As Kartra).

Where Clickfunnels is purely a funnel builder, Groovefunnels has used sales funnels as a starting point and then went into huge detail to ensure that the modern marketer has everything he will need and not just funnels At present (at the time of writing but going away very soon) you can get Groovefunnels Lifetime account FREE. you don’t even need a Credit card.

So what the means to you is Groovefunnels is currently giving away all of the functions that Clickfunnels is charging for!!