‘Limited time offers, discounts, coupons’ are some of the terms people are looking out and looking to save out the max with the help of different channels. Not only for the users it has been beneficial to most of the retail sector or the eCommerce business. Unfortunately, it is advantageous to both sellers as well as consumers. Here the question arises, how is it possible? Groupon, an online marketplace where different deals are done every day. This daily deals business has grown worldwide in the e-commerce marketplace and has generated more revenue. For a startup or an entrepreneur, is it possible to start a business like Groupon? Yes!!! Absolutely. One can understand the concept of Groupon and its different factors like Groupon business model, how Groupon works, and can start their own business with Groupon clone.

What is Groupon Clone?

Groupon clone is nothing but the concept of Groupon i.e. an online marketplace or daily deals business that provides coupons and offers to e-commerce businesses as well as retailers. It acts as a middle part between the two. With the help of an on-demand Groupon clone script, one can start their own daily deals business along with extra added features and functionalities.

Why Choose Groupon Clone Script for Startup?

Before starting with Groupon clone one should know about the Groupon business model and the most important is how do Groupon works? Understanding these concepts, it will make a clear view to get your business plan and get a successful Groupon clone script.

Surfing for Discounts

The daily deals business concept is going trendy now. There are more than 90% of the individuals who are looking for discounts and offers. Hence, for a business to achieve the target audience, Groupon clone works.

No Business Wants to Be Idle

There are many local businesses that want the counters or tables occupied by their customers. Hence running a business with more customers is now on-demand. Here the Groupon clone, a daily deals business website is more popular and demand for service providers as well as merchants.

Increased Branding

Daily deals business like Groupon, LivingSocial helps to grow the market of business, in turn, making a brand of the business. So, for an entrepreneur, it puts a good idea for a business with Groupon clone and makes yourself grow. 


Why just think of it? Get ready for implementing your own Groupon business with Groupon clone script. Generate the idea for Groupon clone and give a new twist to your startup business. 

Choose the Best Groupon Clone for Your Startup

At Ncrypted we have developed a phenomenal concept like Groupon with Groupon clone. With the help of Groupon clone or daily deals clone script you can start your own business and can also add with some on-demand features on your daily deals website. So are you willing to start your own multi-store or multi-brand daily deals website? Get your own customized Groupon clone at Ncrypted technologies and start your own business.