Grow Your Business worldwide

When it comes to the expansion of a business, translation is often the last thing that a business or organization leader considers, but it should be one of the first. Translating a website can be the fastest and most effective way of reaching a wider audience. Expanding your business, whether it is for products, educational materials, or anything else, can be easier than expected and we will share how.

Assuming you are starting with a website translation, because this is the easiest and most economical way to begin, then start by finding the right translation company. Most businesses and organizations do not have in-house translators, so search online for one that fits the needs of your company. Many churches or those that sell books on Christianity, will begin with a Christian website translation company, while those in the medical field may stick with translators who specialize in medical terminology. This will be the best option for the most accurate translation.

Reasons to Translate Your Website First

While most websites are in English originally and most business is still conducted in English, only a small percentage of actual internet users are native English speakers. This means that a large section of the online audience will not understand your company’s message if they register it at all. Translating a website means that more users will have access to their native language. This is important because people are more likely to make purchases from sites that have information in their native language, especially that has been well translated.

To put this in perspective, only about 28% of internet users are native English speakers. The top three non-English languages are Chinese, Spanish, and Arabic. This means that targeting those three languages, or one of those languages, would expand your online market to a great extent. Many larger companies have been doing this for years. When websites are translated, they rank higher in search engines that are not common in the United States. This will draw more people to your site after it has been translated. When you do choose to translate your website, make sure to practice localization. This simply means having someone who is highly familiar with the culture, usually the translator, translate pictures and captions as well so they are culturally relevant.

As your rating increases across new search engines, people are more likely to buy your product, even if it is a lesser-known brand. This is true for everything from soda to Christian language translation services. Speaking of translation services, using a translator to answer calls for customer service can lead to happier clients overall. This will lead to more and better business, no matter what your content may be. Stronger rapport with customers leads to repeat business more than anything else, other than a good product.


If you are trying to grow your business, expand into global markets, regardless of what it is, then the translation is the first step. Translating a website should not be a final thought or an afterthought, but a first step in growing your business online and into global markets. Search for a translation agency that specializes in the type of work necessary and if working in niche areas, choose a translator in that area. This will provide you with the best possible translation which will grow your business.