Home is not home without certain essentials that are required for ultimate comfort and well-being.  These essentials aren’t concerned with any particular appliance, or electronic devices enhancing our lifestyle, rather it’s more that comes in bedsheets, and towels.

Let’s take a towel, from bath towels to kitchen towels, and face towels, we need this stuff almost everywhere as it enables us to retain cleanliness and wellbeing. Few types of towels make us feel wrapped by veritable cases of solace; henceforth, we need to make wise, and careful consideration of them. Concerning this, the face towels then take special attention as used consistently

Let’s discuss the significance of face towels in light of its basic purpose, how often we need to replace it, what fabric need to consider for face towels, and do we need to use separate face towel?

What is the Purpose of using Face Towel?

The main purpose of using quality face towels is, to make sure you wipe your face with the best material and get the best of face care you can ever get. The face towels not only dry wet face, but also cleans it of water, typical skin oil, face makeup residue, and leftovers.

We find face towels in spas, hotels, gyms, and even in therapeutic offices. It’s obvious, they would be from the best face towel supplier to give away clients and customers. However, the fact is, we always need an exceptional object for face cleanliness thus face towels conclude to be the primary stuff.

Should We Use a Separate Towel for Cleaning Face?

Many people ask, can we use the same towel for the body and face? The simple answer is, Not at All! Always use a separate towel for cleaning face than one people use for drying body parts after taking a shower

How often to Replace Face Towels?

The main reason for replacing face towel is, we use one for cleaning both body and face, then it might not be suitable for sensitive skin, it can catch few bacteria when used for cleaning body parts like butt, or underarms, etc.

Thus, not only get a separate towel aside for drying your face, but also make sure it stays properly clean, this means wash it hot water, or replace it with a fresh one after every few days of using one. In case you’re prone to breakouts, then get a fresh face towel even more frequently.

According to a skin expert; “wash or replace your towel daily if you have sensitive, or acne-prone skin, as the skin bacteria transfers back and forth between your face and the towel. This can cause a problem if you’re prone to rosacea

Apart from your specific laundry days, keep your towels free from bacteria and grime by making sure it gets completely dry between uses. (this applies to both your face towel and one you keep for cleaning body after a shower)

This means taking your towels out of the bathroom after use, and hang it at a place where it gets sunlight, and some fresh air.

Best Fabrics For Face Towels

Whenever you approach any face towel supplier, then look for the one made with the following fabrics;

  • Pure cotton
  • Pure Bamboo
  • Microfiber
  • Bamboo mixes
  • Egyptian cotton
  • Turkish cotton
  • Linen