Winter is the time when most Indian weddings take place. Sometimes it gets difficult for us to enjoy an Indian winter wedding. This small problem can cause a damper on the mood and ruin the celebration. But it seems unavoidable, doesn’t it? I mean, what can we even do about it? Well, we can’t control the weather. But there are other ways to skim past this tiny, little problem.

Here is a cheat-sheet on how to keep yourself warm at your winter wedding.

Wear Warm Fabrics

When you go shopping for your wedding clothes, make sure that you opt for warmer fabrics. For women, there is a wide range of clothing available in fabrics that can also keep you warm from the inside. Men can get their suits tailored with materials that are thick and can keep the cold out.

Wear a Warm Stole

This one is for the ladies. A stunning, finely cashmere stole can make you look dynamite. It will also prove to be efficient when it comes to warming you up. If you opt for a stole, you will also have a lot of flexibility. You can carry it around your neck loosely or you can have it stylishly drape around you. Opting for a stole will make you look stunning, and keep you warm at the same time.

Go for Shoes instead of Heel

Heels can make you look gorgeous. But if you choose wisely, so can sneakers or any other type of shoes. Moreover, you can wear socks with shoes. This will help you keep your feet warm and comfortable.

The importance of velvet

Velvet is a fine material. It is also warm and comfortable. Moreover, you can tailor it to any type of clothing. You can make blazers out of velvet. And the beauty of a velvet lehenga is popular all across the country. So opt for clothing made of velvet.

Wear Leg Warmers

You can keep the icy delight of the winter winds at bay easily with some leg warmers. Simply slide one pair underneath your lehenga or your pants and you are good to go! Winter weddings are beautiful. But they can also prove to be a struggle if you do not know how to tackle the icy cold weather.

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