It’s no more a secret that Covid-19, the global pandemic, will be amongst the defining events of 2020. It will have long-lasting implications on our economy as significant industries like entertainment, fashion, etc. are being affected. Retail businesses around the world are majorly affected because of supply issues and rapidly changing customer behavior.

When it comes to shopping for clothes, brick and mortar stores are mostly preferred by people compared to online shopping for women. However, in recent days, the fear of contracting the dreadful virus is holding back customers from visiting these shops. So the pendulum is swinging vigorously in favor of online shopping. But amid this pandemic, online shopping is fraught with several questions and faces too many barriers, which we’ll discuss below:

Why are people having second thoughts about shopping online during coronavirus?

Fear of the Virus

Shoppers have several questions about the safety measures taken for delivering online orders. People are afraid of the virus living on surfaces for several days, and the packages might affect them. Many women expressed their concerns over this after being asked about their views on women’s clothing online.

Economic condition

Economies are facing huge problems with the continuing lockdowns and public health crisis. Many people are losing their jobs while some are provided reduced salaries, so it is becoming increasingly challenging for people to earn a decent living. In these times, some people focus more on their health demands and their basic needs, and not much attention is given to fashion.

Lack of socializing

With prevailing lockdowns and companies shifting to “work from home” mode, people are not going out of their homes much. Reduced social gatherings and less interaction with people outside make people stick to their previously owned clothes instead of buying new clothes.

Though online shopping has its downsides, a majority of the population thinks otherwise. For them, online shopping for fashion is becoming a dominant trend because not only will it thwart the risks and boost their security, but this could also be a silver lining for the industry itself, which now prefers its consumers’ presence online.

Why are some people shopping online during the pandemic?

According to a study, men were found to be shopping less than women during the pandemic. Hence, there was more growth in women’s fashion online compared to men’s fashion. Let us have a look at why some people are shopping for clothes:

Reduced chances of catching the virus

People are less likely to be infected when they order clothes from within their homes’ safety rather than going out and shopping. According to experts, it is highly dubious that the virus would survive on your online packages because there’s a massive gap between the time your order was packed and the time you received the package. Besides, if getting exposed to the virus by delivery boys is a worry, people can keep aside their boxes for a day or two before opening them.

Boosting economy

Money circulation from shopping is an essential part of the economy. Retail stores or online shopping are enormous sources of creative expression and employment. Keeping their business afloat ensures the redistribution of wealth, which is essential for the economy to get going. Some people are aware of this, and they are acting accordingly.

Looking presentable

Even though people stay at home, they attend online meetings and lectures, so it is crucial to make yourself look presentable. The huge discounts being offered by many websites is allowing people to buy more clothes. Instagrammers, fashion influencers, bloggers, etc. need to keep working on their content, and for that, the need to purchase new clothes arises. To earn maximum likes on their contents, online shopping for women and men have grown.

Where are people ordering online from?

More than ever, shoppers these days are considerate about the businesses they are supporting. People are investing in local businesses because more than just injecting money in the brands they have grown to love; they are more concerned about helping people who run these small businesses. Secondly, consumers are mindful of what safety measures specific sites are taking in ensuring public safety. In the UK, many women clothing online stores such as Misguided, Missrebel, Zalando, Very, Selectfashion, and Femminesque are getting attention for maintaining safety guidelines and giving utmost priority to the well being of the people.


The virus outbreak negatively impacts the fashion industry because the industry majorly depends on physical retail. People are having second thoughts about venturing to the stores and trying out clothes. As for the online business, the fashion industry is a little hopeful as people are slowly moving towards online shopping. Currently, we are living in flux, and people need to make an informed choice.