Did you know that our skin alone represents 15% of the bodyweight? We advise you to start a cure for our Helga Arminak products made with wild plants to act both on the skin and on the evacuation of toxins. The skin consists of several layers including the hypodermis, the dermis and the epidermis which is located on the surface. The hypodermis is responsible for managing our reserves which plays a protective role by shaping the silhouette (fat cells) and participates in thermal regulation according to the weight of each.

The dermis is made up of fibroblasts and immune cells. It needs to be fed, to contain a good supply of water and to receive new sources of collagen, hyaluronic acid or even elastin. This is all the more true with advancing age when our body produces less. new sources of collagen, hyaluronic acid or even elastin. This is all the more true with advancing age when our body produces less. The dermis is also rich in nerve endings, the source of our sense of touch. 

It is therefore very important that your digestive system (liver, intestines) works well to guarantee you beautiful skin. 

Finally, the epidermis, the one you can see and touch, is made up of keratinocytes, melanocytes, and immune cells. Its main role is to provide comprehensive protection and acts as a barrier. Note that our epidermis has the same embryonic origin as our nervous system, so it is not surprising to observe skin problems in people who are stressed or anxious.

The skin is ultimately a mirror of the soul as can be the eyes, hair, and nails. Some people find it very difficult to accept its appearance and to pass over the eyes of others, causing “social embarrassment”. To treat a skin problem we remain convinced that a global approach is interesting and necessary

 A skin problem is very often caused by an internal disorder, the skin is one of our main emunctory organs with the liver, kidneys, lungs, and intestines.

Here are some ways to keep your skin good looking:

Consume essential fatty acids

Contrary to popular belief, fat intake is essential for life. In fact, our cells need fat to live and develop properly. Unfortunately, modern eating has changed the way we eat and is misleading.   

Currently, we consume 10 times too many omega 6 and not enough omega 3, which increases the cardiovascular and inflammatory risks. It is also proven that too much omega 6 is dangerous for the body and takes over the absorption of omega 3 which has a major role. Our Helga Arminak treatment is the best and focusing on inner beauty.

Detect food allergies

A skin problem can be caused by an allergic reaction or food intolerance (cow’s milk, gluten, etc.). A check-up with an allergist and a food intolerance test in a specialized laboratory will give you an idea and allow you to take control of the problem.

Have a good functioning of the digestive system

If your body and your digestive system are overloaded with toxins, the main emunctory organs will pass the baton to the others. This phenomenon is often observed in the aftermath of overly rich meals or overly watered evenings. The liver cannot manage everything and passes the baton to the skin, making ugly little pimples appear. 

Take food supplements

The essential must be on your plate but it is possible to supplement with a dietary supplement (hyaluronic acid, zinc, etc.). Do not hesitate to ask for advice and to check the quality of the products before buying them.

Also, avoid overly regular scrubs that weaken the skin barrier, promote irritation and the entry of bacteria through the skin surface.

You will find all the beauty products and tips on Helga Arminak but keep in mind that the more you take care of your interior, the better your skin will be.