Are you planning to redo or renovate your bathroom? Then there are many ways to do that in a budget. The bathroom is an important part of your home decor so you should plan the theme to make it look more appealing.

It should have that good vibe as well. Bathroom renovation Port Macquarie offers the best solutions for bathroom makeovers.

Here are some best bathroom renovation ideas on a budget:-

Refinish your cabinets and tubs

You don’t need to replace your old tubs and cabinets. If you have some budget constraints, then the best way out is to refinish them with trendy paints. You can use cabinet accessories to enhance the look of your bathroom.

Paint the old tub to give it a new look. The idea is to repair instead of remove. You can do the same thing with your accessories and hangers in the bathroom.

If you are a creative person, then you can paint it yourself. Bathroom fixtures will look great if you simply repaint them with your preferred color choice. Use contrasting shade as your washroom color to highlight the look.

Save on the countertops

Most people like to splurge on bathroom countertops. Granite and marble are the two most preferred options for countertops. But, you can save your money by choosing cheaper options.

Choose plain slabs and paint them as that will be much cheaper. If you want to keep your bathroom design simple, then you can also choose simple granite options that are available in neutral colors.

There are many other options available for countertops, you can use your old countertops and repaint it to make it look like a new one. Choose the right budget tools and save your money.

Decorate with plants

On a budget, you can use pretty plants to decorate your bathroom. Choose an ideal corner where you can place your plants. Plants provide you with a low-cost decor option and they come with health benefits as well.

You need to choose indoor plants if your bathroom is not ventilated. Plants that require sunlight will not make an ideal choice. You can also choose other decoration options that are available to beautify your bathroom.

You’ll get many options online so you need the right choice depending on your theme.

Decorate the walls

You can decorate your bathroom walls to make them look elegant. Use frames or picture boards for your bathroom. You can hang frames above the countertop or sink.

Then many wall stickers can change the look of your bathroom walls. Use flower stickers or other contemporary stickers to highlight a single wall of your bathroom as that’ll also make it look different.

The idea is to change the look. You’ll be able to do this by changing the theme and decor.

To Sum up

Redo your bathroom with the above ideas and change the whole look. You don’t need to splurge on expensive things. By using the right tools and decor, you’ll be able to give your bathroom a completely new look.