Other than the Disney stories, people do fantasize about their wedding. The fact that the world has made a big deal out of weddings has played a huge role in people going all crazy every time they have to plan a wedding. The easier way out is to hire services providers for everything; wedding planners for decor and catering, Wedding Car Hire for ensuring smooth transportation to the altar. For wedding cake and dresses, refer to a trustworthy bakery and designer boutique and they will deliver according to your requirements. Weddings are stressful because there is so much to do and even though you can start preparations months before, you will still feel short on time. So no matter what company you hire, you still should have enough knowledge about everything that you are going to get.

Creative ideas are exactly what make any wedding special, you add props of your choice and you can make it your own little fantasy world. Small intimate weddings have become a thing in 2020. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that people have enjoyed weddings during this pandemic more than anything else. A small personal group of people you love with the theme of your choice – a dream wedding. However, there are people who like to do it with a bang, they get extravagant and that is perfectly okay! The more, the merrier! If you want to make it classy, start with your entrance and for that, here is the perfect list of high-class vehicles you can choose from: Read more

Wedding Cars That You Can Choose From

  • Rolls Royce Phantom Project Kahn

Looking for something luxurious and sassy at the same time? Rolls Royce Phantom Project Kahn is the perfect pick for that. Its features are mind-blowingly amazing and it casts a perfect glamor outside the altar.

  • Rolls Royce Ghost

This Sedan is exactly what you need if you have a thing for vehicles with compartments. Not only it provides a lot of privacy but it also gives room to accommodate your favourite people with you.

  • Rolls Royce Dawn

Are you in the mood to have a little fun with open roof? This is the perfect pick for you. The vehicle lets you show off your wedding as well all the preparations you did for your good looks – a picture perfect vehicle for the big day.

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  • Ferrari La Ferrari

Who doesn’t love a big fat Ferrari? It is the epitome of class and funk. The vehicle is known for its ambitious ride and bragging about it is the perfect way to spice up your wedding.

  • Lamborghini Huracan

Lambo is definitely another attractive piece that will look amazingly sizzling on your wedding day.

  • Audi R8

Audi is a trend-setter and a beauty standard, everyone who grew up with love for cars will pick an Audi no matter what. R8 is not only about perfect performance but about killer looks as well.

  • Buggati Veyron

This vehicle has been a statement-making name in the world. It is not only one of the greatest names there are, but is definitely a winner in terms of everything. Picking this means you get the adrenaline rush of speed and luxury.

  • Mercedes C63 Black Series

It is a powerful vehicle with a classy touch. The black shade is everything about elegant and glamour, so is the wedding – making it perfect for the day.

Looking for a company who provides all these high-class vehicles? Refer to Phantom Hire for high-class Wedding Car Hire in your area. They will cater all your need perfectly and make your wedding entrance one of its kind!