Hair Salon in Gurgaon : The holidays are a time to step out of your comfort zone with your style and try something bold and glamorous. A good place to start to make a big impression is with your makeup. Let’s talk about some of the makeup trends this season and some tips to make them work for you.

Make Your Eyes Sparkle
This season it’s all about the eyes. Cat-eye liner in bold jewel tones or a dazzling metallic paired with shimmering pearl eyeshadow will make your eyes sparkle. Finish with a voluminous mascara to plump up those lashes and really make your eyes pop. Opt for waterproof liner and mascara to make sure your color stays where you put it.

Classic Red Lips
To feature your lips you can’t go wrong with a classic red. For staying power, start with a liner to prevent bleeding and then apply a matching lip stain before applying your lipstick. For fuller lips, choose a matte lipstick or if your lips could use a bit of plumping use a sheer glossy formula. If you’ve chosen a bold color on your eyes go with a softer neutral shade for your lips to avoid being overdone.

Finish With An Angelic Glow
First, shape and define your cheekbones with a contour that flatters your skin tone. Then for an all-over glow, apply a bit of metallic highlighter down the bridge of your nose and on your cheekbones. Remember to use a light touch with the highlighter. A little goes a long way.

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