Hookah festivals, also as other events, are an excellent opportunity to attend a grand event for fans to smoke a hookah, make new acquaintances with representatives of the hookah industry, attend informative workshops, participate in fights, and also announce a replacement brand. For this purpose, some countries around the world organize festivals, lectures, workshops, and exhibitions of hookah per annum. 

The leading place among the countries organizing such events from the planet of hookahs is occupied by the USA, Germany, Russia, and Ukraine. It is there that they specialize in the hookah and vape industries. They also smoke e hookah, get acquainted, and gain experience in Kiev, Odessa, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Las Vegas, and Frankfurt. Recently, the demand for hookahs and, therefore, the growth of hookahs occurred in Kharkov, where they also organized a festival during this direction.


Hookah Battle Urban Cup

Where: Moscow, Russia

Hookah Battle Urban Cup is an annual hookah festival that exposes excellent opportunities to present its brand to the right audience. Live music, food court, lounge area, market with tobacco and accessories for hookahs, tobacco, and hookah expositions then on. This year the festival is going to be entirely dedicated to the urban theme and every one the attributes of an urban nation: tales, graffiti, and other associations with the metropolis promise to make an environment of the actual stone jungle.

Qualified hookah workers of Russia come to the festival, also as different industry representatives. At the Hookah Battle Urban Cup, juries evaluate hookahs, taking under consideration criteria like taste, smokiness, and uniqueness of serving. Fantasia hookah is one of the favorites in this event. Hookah age 18+ is the only prerequisite for participating in the festival.

Hookah Heat. All-Ukrainian Hookah Cloud

Where: Kiev, Ukraine

The largest hookah festival in Ukraine. The event takes place in the outdoors format and is replete with free hookahs. Quite 500 masters of Ukraine and neighboring countries come to that per annum. Food courts, the simplest DJs of the country, practical jokes, rewarding with “smoky” gifts, the likelihood of free tasting of varied mixtures and tastes, also because of the battle of Blitz Hookah hookah men for a short time. As a part of the battle, it is necessary to organize five hookahs, showing speed, creativity, and not spoiling the taste of “speed of action.”

In 2018, the festival, because the organizers promised, was driving, presented high-quality music. At the event, one could try high-quality alcohol, tasty street food, and visit the interactive zone with computer game glasses.

Spring Hookah Fest Odessa

Where: Odessa, Ukraine

Spring Hookah Fest Odessa is the second-largest hookah festival in Ukraine, which has been organized for several years on the Black Sea coast, “pearls of the sea” – in Odessa. Within the framework of the festival, per annum, they organize masterclasses from eminent masters, hookah exhibitions, duels, contests, and stands from manufacturers of hookahs, accessories, and tobacco mixtures. Among the invited aren’t only Ukrainian representatives of the hookah industry, but also masters with an acquired name from everywhere the CIS.

In 2018, guests from France, the Czech Republic, and Jordan arrived on the Black Sea coast, representing the newest things within the hookah world, participating in battles, and organizing masterclasses and competitions. The event was organized at the second level of the enjoyment park, which added to that a greater zest and temptation to attend the event. At the observation deck of the situation, it had been possible not only to smoke a hookah but also to enjoy the seascape.

Saint ` P Hookah Fest

Where: St. Petersburg

It is officially accepted that Saint’P Hookah Fest is the largest outdoors hookah within the whole North-West. The annual festival program is impressive: there are 30 stands of hookah brands, the lady Hookah Battle, performances by artists and DJs, a food court with food for each taste. 

Within the framework of the festival, you will also win prizes from hookah partners, plunge into the atmosphere with unlimited hookahs, also hear lectures and attend masterclasses from qualified representatives of the hookah business.

Saint’P Hookah Fest may be a gathering of execs and hookah lovers, a chance to exchange experiences or get first tips from manufacturers, suppliers, founders, and hookah workers from Russia, Europe, and therefore the CIS. The festival also represents the vape industry.

Hookah Club Show

Where: St. Petersburg, Russia

Hookah Club Show can hardly be called a festival – it is instead an annual exhibition. The organizers position the event as “the leading hookah industry in Russia.” By the dimensions of the exhibition hall, also as by the number of exhibits and therefore the number of tourists to the Hookah Show Club, this year has surpassed all such events on the planet with tobacco exposure. The world occupied by the exhibition is 2 hectares. 

The Hookah Club Show features quite 150 avant-garde companies within the hookah industry, and geographically guests are not limited to Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus. Hookah brands come here from the distant USA, India, Egypt, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, China, Paraguay, and other countries of the planet.

Two days of the festival attracted about 6,000 visitors, 160 hookah brands, offer 17 hours of hookah smoking, a contest to work out the hookah brand of the year, workshops, and seminars from leading representatives of the industry and far more.

Bottom Line 

The Hookah Festivals may be an excellent opportunity to form new acquaintances, get a replacement experience, and an unforgettable experience! At the hookah and vape festivals, they often offer unlimited nargil of various tastes. Hookah festival is recognized together of the essential of hookah around the world