Artificial Intelligence, or AI, has brought drastic and dramatic changes to our daily lives, by making space into a number of different domains. Top AI ML app development companies are already working tirelessly on what is seemingly the next generation of AI technology in self-driving cars and other equipment.

However, you will be surprised to know that AI & Machine Learning are today an integral part of our daily routines. It’s just that they are so perfectly blended with simple things, that we only tend to notice their presence in the grander scheme of things.

As far as AI technology is concerned, we are using it almost every time we do some work or run an errand. From a simple mail to your daily commute, AI technology seems to be omnipresent these days.

Here are some of the daily life applications of AI in our everyday lives-

1- Assistance With Those Daily Mails

Tech giant Google is among the large number of those companies indulged in AI and Machine Learning development services with the belief that AI is the way for a better future. In fact, Google has integrated this technology into all of its services, and Gmail is one of the most visible ones.

Gmail is today a lot smarter for users, thanks to the support of Machine Learning and AI. The features that are AI enabled in Gmail include-

Smart replies to emails- With this feature, you get suggested by three replies for the mail that you have received.

Nudge replies- With the Nudging feature, you will be reminded about mails which you received two or three days ago which you may have forgotten to go through.

2- AI In Mobile Applications

Google Assistant

The Assistant is heavily influenced by Artificial Intelligence as well. You can easily get your conversations translated in a number of languages, and this language roster continues to be expanded every year.

Play Store

This is a recent innovation from Google, where Google Play Protect scans more than 50 billion devices and apps for any kind of unusual activity.

3- AI And ML In Social Networking

Social networking has become a big part of our daily routine. For both personal uses or even expanding the business reach, AI has enabled companies to make these platforms ‘smarter’. This has led to a more effective and efficient communication.


As the biggest social media platform in the world, Facebook too uses AI for recognizing people in pictures and videos. Their proactive detection feature is essentially an AI algorithm that helps it scan posts by different users and spot anything that points to the user doing some self-harm.

The company then automatically sends mental health resources to the individual.


This Facebook-owned app is using AI and ML to figure out the emotions behind emojis and then replace them with slangs to make the entire conversation much better.


The largest social media portal for corporates uses AI to connect employers with job seekers. Its deep insights match a compatible employer to relevant employee options and also increase the chances for a job seeker to get a job.

4- AI In Online Shopping

Online shopping is a raging trend today where companies are taking aid of AI & Machine Learning Solutions providers for selling their products. E-commerce giants like eBay and Amazon are making use of AI technology for taking the user experience to a new level.

Personalised recommendations too have been made possible because of AI, where a particular portal will display products which might be in line with products which you might have searched for.

5- Involvement of AI and ML Technology in Travel Apps

Commute-hailing giant Uber also depends on Artificial Intelligence to provide the best riding experience. With AI, it determines the estimated time to take you from your pickup to drop location, which is known as a trip in their jargon.

Not just riding, though. The technology also gives you an ETA about the delivery of your food and groceries as well.

The above instances are just scratching the surface when it is about the extent to which AI and ML are influencing our daily lives. We are interacting with this advanced form of technology more than we can think of.

With a lot of development under way, companies embracing AI and ML will go a long way, and a reputed AI application development company USA, like Consagous Technologies, can help you out.
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