Transmission fluid is a significant fluid like any fluid in the car, for example, engine oil and mobil oil. It is the fluid in the gearbox in both, manual and automatic cars for transmission between the gears. The gearbox plays an important role in driving a vehicle; smooth and steady transmission is the key to a healthy car. 

Having your gear stuck while reversing or shifting between the gears can cause you a lot of trouble. Hence it is important to check your car’s transmission fluid regularly along with other fluids.

If you think you can’t manage your transmission fluid, your favourite company having used cars for sale in UAE is here for you! Follow these steps and know how to check your car’s transmission fluid: 


  • Know The Fluid


Different variants have different and special transmission fluids. The automatic, dual-clutch and continuously variable automatic transmissions all use specified transmission fluids. In order to know which transmission fluid is used in your car all you need to do is to refer to the user manual of your car for details. In case you still can’t find your specific transmission and transmission fluid, consult a mechanic.


  • Find the Dipstick


Some modern variants have a sealed-for-life transmission that does not need any fluid change. The transmission fluid is guaranteed for the lifetime of your car. However, the rest have a dipstick to see the level of transmission fluid. 

In case you have a car with a sealed-for-life transmission, you have nothing to worry about and are free from regular transmission fluid checks. However, if you own an older car or a different variant, your transmission fluid is your regular concern. Finding the right dipstick is important to start the process of checking and changing the transmission fluid. 

You can find both, engine oil dipstick and transmission oil dipsticks under your car’s hood. The engine oil dipstick is located to the front of the engine while the transmission fluid dipstick is located ahead in the engine bay either marked with a symbol or different color.
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  • Level Check


The dipstick has markers to evaluate the level of your transmission fluid. The highest level is marked “full” while the lowest level is marked “low” or “fill”. It is essential to warm up your engine before checking the transmission fluid level. Ideally, you can turn on your engine at least 5-10 minutes before checking the fluid and keep the engine on while you examine.

 In order to check your transmission fluid, you have to take out the dipstick, wipe it clean and put it back in. Then take it out to check the level of the transmission fluid. If the fluid is on “low” or “fill” add transmission fluid to the “full” marker as the engine soaks some up while wired up.


  • Color Check


Not only the level of the transmission fluid but also the color determines the condition of your car’s transmission fluid and system. You can determine it by using a white cloth while wiping it to properly see the color. The fluid would be transitioning into a red-pink color if it is healthy while it would  be transitioning into red-brown color if it needs changing. 

If your transmission fluid is red-brown it needs to be changed. Adding to this, if the fluid has a smell along with the red-brown color, you should contact your mechanic immediately because it refers to the interiors of the gearbox burning. 


  • Fluid Control: 


Changing transmission fluid is not the only thing you have to take care of; you also need to monitor the lifetime of the changed fluid. If the fluid wears off quicker, there are chances of a potential leak internally in the transmission. It may also indicate some fault or damage in the internal components of the transmission. 

In case you notice the transmission fluid wearing off early, your car needs professional care as soon as possible. The leak can be both internal or external. You can examine external leakage by checking under the car after being parked for a few hours. 

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