If You are a Smart Mobile App Developer then you should like to stay updated with the latest information and the newest trends in the mobile app development industry. Recently, you came across a mobile app development statistic and it shook you to the core!

What was that?

It stated: “The number of blockchain-related LinkedIn job postings more than doubled over the last year. Various companies badly in need of blockchain developers are establishing up training centres, outsourcing, or even seizing talent before they’ve graduated college.

Now you are concerned because you do not have sufficient knowledge about blockchain app development. Finally, you prefer to put your worries down on Google.

So What next?

We will assist you to understand everything that you must know as a skilled mobile app developer about Blockchain app development:

#1. What is Blockchain Technology? – Simplified


To provide a simple definition, Blockchain is a technology that aids carry out the transactions faster than the actual times, in a secure manner and with a reduced per-transaction cost. It is a peer-to-peer based ecosystem wherein the propinquity of a third-party is excluded.

#2. Reason to Adopt Blockchain Technology for Mobile App Development

If we take a glance at the current moment, the way data is collected and the record is exposed. Moreover, with third-party and central authorities included, it becomes a tiresome process to access the data with so many permissions to pass through.
However, Blockchain technology can defend through the hacker’s attacks with various nodes present in the system. This way you can build a blockchain app without any interruption and yet with full protection.

#3. Unmatched Mobile App Security with Blockchain

One of the most prominent features that you incorporate while building a mobile app is Security. However, recently we noticed neither Uber nor Facebook is safe even after being questioned for security day-in and day-out.

What is the solution for this? – Blockchain technology.

It divides the data and information into various smaller chains and is distributed among computers.

So, when hackers try to manage the data, they have to go through various nodes. Concurrently, when the defect is discovered, the system in itself assists to find the source of the imperfection.

#4. The utility of the Blockchain Model to Create a Decentralized App

The theoretical knowledge will get you only a few miles. The difficult task will be, work with, your first-ever blockchain app development.Being a mobile app developer, just like any other mobile app, you must initially plan a solid architecture to have peer-to-peer transaction possible. Nevertheless, do not solely follow the bitcoin model and begin building your mobile app. Get to know more about your app well before in advancement along with the features and benefits of blockchain technology. This will assist you to gain relevant insights about your blockchain app development.

#5. Ease to Use Database While Serving with Blockchain Technology

Choosing a database can be a tiresome task at times. This could probably take you back to the requirement analysis several times and the time taken exceeds. But not with Blockchain technology!

The distributed database of Blockchain is very effortlessly available for the mobile app. Moreover, it even outshines in terms of the functionality as compared to the app that is without distribution. Such a distributed app can back up in case of network breakdown and becomes a reliable source for the mobile app developers.

#6. The Buggy View of Blockchain Technology

While everything seems so complete with Blockchain technology, it becomes an apparent choice for the innovation-seeking marketplace. But only a mobile app developer like you know behind the scene of any mobile app development.
Same is the case with Blockchain technology. There is a big called heisenbug present in technology. It does not affect during the development but has a sure presence during testing. This can determine the behaviour of the computer network.

Being a mobile app developer, you cannot do away without operating on the bug and so it is necessary to keep in mind the accidental presence of the bug.

#7. The Legalities and Conventions with Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is open-source technology. It is open for its users and all the processes carried out are streamlined. As there are no legalities directly associated with the Blockchain app development or the Blockchain technology, it can be suitable as a secondary source of illegal income for many of the businessmen.

Being a mobile app developer, you should keep in mind the importance of such illegalities and unusual behaviours. It should be ensured that all the transactions are carried out is in line with the policies of the government that too through an entrusted source.

Winding Up

Blockchain app development is no longer just a thought. It is one of the mobile application trends to look out in the upcoming years. People and businesses around the globe have begun hunting for dApp developers for building their decentralized app using blockchain technology. Therefore, it is necessary for you to be hands-on with the progress of the blockchain app.

Another main aspect is resources. While the cost of app development can be simply known and estimated, the cost of building a dApp can be calculated only when the requirements are crystal clear.So, take your time to examine and practice coding a dApp as lots of blockchain development jobs are coming your way.