As a soon to be bride, who has an entire wedding to plan within a short period of time, you are probably already painfully aware of the fact that bridal shopping during a global pandemic is a lot different, and undoubtedly more difficult, than how it would have been at normal time. However, since social distancing and simplistic, budget-friendly approach to everything seem to have become the new normal, it is worth mentioning that bridal shopping, especially footwear shopping, has changed considerably as well.

So how has shopping for bridal sandal shoes changed in light of the COVID-19 pandemic?

The process of shopping for bridal shoes has now shifted its focus from finding comfort and convenience than pomp and grandeur. More and more brides are now choosing to try the shoes that they like at home and then return the ones that are not working for them. One big benefit of this change is that now they are able to try on the shoes in the comfort and safety of their homes with the actual wedding dress. Brides don’t have to worry about hauling the weight of all that fabric and embellishment to and back from the shoe boutique just to see how their footwear looks with their dress.

Weddings themselves have become quite intimate and small-scale events, given the current health and safety guidelines. No wonder brides are choosing to go for designs that are comfortable, classy and easy to wear through snow, dirt, grass and sand alike. What’s even more interesting and in a way very sensible is that brides are now choosing simple yet elegant designs that are perfect for wearing to special occasions after having said the ‘I Do’s. And why not? These are perfectly beautiful footwear that are too special to be locked away in the closet after wearing just once!

What are the bridal shoe trends now?

More brides are leaning towards online shopping:

Besides the convenience of being able to shop from home, online shopping is giving brides the chance to view endless options at one go and then choose from the. They can order whatever they like and return whatever doesn’t feel or look good upon wearing. This entire process takes much less time than physically visiting multiple salons and browsing through their collections. Now, with so much uncertainty around their big day given the pandemic situation, most brides are choosing to shop closer to their wedding date and this online shopping option is serving as a boon for them.

Brides are now shopping more responsibly and sustainably:

The pandemic has been hard on businesses and individuals alike. Brides are now less likely to spend substantial amount of money on items that are too unique or too customized to be worn after the wedding. They are now more inclined to buy designs that are elegant, chic and versatile enough to be worn even after the wedding. As a result popularity of chunky block heels, vintage-inspired, kitten heels and bridal pumps have increased. Flats and sneakers are also seeing surging demand.

Multiples shoes are must-have’s now:

Gone are the days when brides would leave no stone unturned to find the dream pair of shoes and be ready to spend a fortune on them. The more practical choice nowadays is to distribute that budget among multiple pairs that would come in useful, just in case a bride can’t wear the shoes chosen for the wedding day. Besides, having a whole range of footwear at your disposal to wear to bachelorette party, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner or reception part, won’t be so bad either.

It is true that brides tastes have changed in these tough times when it comes to bridal shopping and so have their purchase decisions. Budgeting, comfort and versatile designs have become the priorities while over the top details and customization have taken the backseat. What is reassuring is that the bridal fashion industry has risen to this unique challenge and thus, there is no dearth of beautiful designs in bridal sandal shoes that checks all the important boxes that brides have put forth. So, if the worry of not being able to find the right shoes to go with your dream wedding dress is keeping you up at night, don’t  fret – options are unlimited even today.