If you travel on a wide berth international flight, standard seats will be included in the fare, or you can buy in advance using an option to pay. You can change your seat with another one of the same or less value despite any time boundations. If you forgot or haven’t selected in advance, a seat will be assigned to you during check-in. If you are travelling a long distance, you can use standard seats (if available) for free when you check in online 24 hours before your flight.

Interested in learning more about aircraft seat layout before choosing a seat? You can refer to Air Newzealand seat maps, it will provide all the information you need.

Air New Zealand offers seatselect for its passengers which they can use to select seats. Now the question arises in mind is how can you use seatselect?

How do I use Seatselect?

Very simple, there are several ways to choose a seat: When you book online, After booking, directly retrieve your booking or log in to your Air New Zealand account and select seatselect. Then,  Call the contact center (a service fee will be charged). 

As part of your fare or Airpoints™ status, you may be able to use a free standard seat. If the seat is not available, or you want to use another seat, you can use the paid seatselect to purchase a seat of your choice.

You can purchase seatselect at the time of booking or three hours before departure (for international flights) and up to 30 minutes (for domestic flights).

If you want to pay with Airpoints USD to select a seat, you can pay at the time of booking.

Remember, you do not need to select a seat when making Air New Zealand Reservations. One will be allocated for you for free when you check in.

Various Types of Seats which Air New Zealand provides

Standard seat

Luxury fares for flying or flying to Tasman or outlying islands, or domestic free floating fares or free floating fares? The fare includes the cost of choosing a standard seat. If you only take seats or take domestic, Tasman and outlying island flights seat + luggage fares, you can use the paid seatselect to choose your preferred seat in advance.

Preferred seat

These seats are located in priority positions on the aircraft, have priority boarding privileges, and may have additional legroom.

Exit row seats

Enjoy the additional space in front so you can stretch your body and enjoy preference when boarding. In an emergency, you may need to activate the emergency exit door. Therefore, you must meet all applicable civil aeronautical or other regulatory agencies regulations and safety requirements.

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