For over more than a decade now, tons of different social media platforms have come into the market but none of them have enjoyed as much success as Facebook. The billion-dollar social media platform which was originally built by its current owner, Mark Zuckerberg, has had mixed success in the past couple of years.

The recent data breaches have hurt the public image of this site severely, still, there’s no denying the fact that Facebook is still the most used social media platform amongst people of all ages all over the globe. But just like every platform, Facebook is far from perfect too.

Users have experienced several issues over the years, with the most recent one being the “Facebook confirmation code email not received” issue. Today we bring you some simple steps via which you can easily resolve this error.

  • After filling in the necessary credentials, click on the confirmation step.
  • If you didn’t receive any confirmation code, check your junk mail folder.
  • Make sure that you have entered the correct email. You can also try creating your account via a mobile number.

You can solve your “Facebook email confirmation code not working” error with the help of these steps to go through your Facebook account login.