1. Firstly make sure that your Netgear wifi range extender is turned on.

  2. And locate your mywifiext setup close to the main Wi-fi router.
  3. Now, grab a laptop or a desktop and connect with the Netgear extender Wi-fi.
  4. Go to the Wi-fi management device and search for a wi-fi named : NETGEAR_EXT.
  5. Then you have to access the local web page URL i.e www.mywifiext.net or www.mywifiext.local.
  6. Find the New Extender Setup option and press enter.

Mywifiext | Troubleshooting steps 

Mywifiext setup is the finest option to extend the existing wifi network of your main wifi router. It helps your wireless or wired enabled devices by playing online HD graphics games, full HD videos and many more. Still Mywifiext.net not working? It is considered as a major issue faced by the users. For the new extender setup below are the troubleshooting steps which help you to solve it within a few seconds. Let’s proceed:

  1. Plugin your extender in the working power outlet for the power supply.
  2. Check that the web browser you are using is the upgraded version.
  3. Power off the Netgear extender power button for a few seconds and switch it on again.
  4. Connect your PC or laptop with high speed internet connection.
  5. Type web address in the Mywifiext setup web address bar and confirm the password.
  6. Download the updated version of the firmware on the wifi router and always Use the default IP address.
  7. After it is installed mywifiext is good to go, and can browse the internet without any lag.