Thumbtack is one of the most popular marketplace platforms where people can connect with each other to get local works done. It’s a great intermediary between the local professionals and customers which provides a platform to find the local worker and communicate with each other. If you have skills or people who can provide the local services then it’s the best opportunity for you to start the business online. 

Many entrepreneurs and startup companies have found this platform the most demanding in the market and they have started working on it. We at MintTM help you to build a similar website like Thumbtack from our Thumbtack clone script. We assure you that our clone scripts provide the features and functionality that helps to complete your local work efficiently. 

Furthermore, this website is much more user friendly and gives the best user experience as well. First, you need to enter the details of what type of work you need to be done. Then the list of available workers will come and from that, you can choose it as per your requirement. The simplicity of the Thumbtack Clone allows people to use it more often for finding local professionals. Not only for the customers, but it’s also popular among the business owners as well. So, let’s discuss the important points of how to boost your business remarkably from the thumbtack. 

01. Review and Ratings

Statistics matter a lot while working online. You must have positive feedback from your previous customers to make your new user feel that you’re trustworthy.

Better review and ratings can only be given once you have done impressive work for them. Then only they will give genuine feedback on the website. Before giving you any project, every user would check for the customer’s review about you. If you haven’t been successful in getting a better review then nothing goes on your way. By considering these points, our every Service marketplace script offers a panel where users can give feedback about the local workers. 

02. Attractive profile description

It’s really important to present yourself in a very interesting way. In the profile section, write something about you which attracts people to give projects. 

It’s true that professionals who write their profile description very carefully, they will be hired quickly. Overview of qualifications, skills, the experience can be added to the website. While developing a Thumbtack clone script we have considered this point and allows you to write about the service you offer so that people can get to know about you. 

Some aware customers know the value of the profile description so they may first look for it then give you a project. You can even write about the job you have completed in the description. As it’s a most demanding feature from customers in the thumbtack, you must add it to your website without fail. Therefore, it’s necessary to include a well-written description in the profile.

03. Prompt reply

Online platforms are all about how quickly you can respond to your customers. Once the user may ask for any information about the project, you must give them a reply within minimal time. Otherwise, you may lose that project. While developing a Thumbtack clone from any premade Thumbtack clone script you must add a section of chat system so that every communication can take place from there only. It’s for sure that replying quickly will be noticed by the customer and they can trust you as well. Even if you’re using mobile then our mobile application click2done allows you to reply to your customers from anywhere as it has all the features the same as the website. 


Undeniably, it’s a perfect platform in this digital world to get started the online business. Without going anywhere, you can find the project you want to work with better flexibility. It’s all about how you can generate maximum revenue from the online platform, and in this case, the above-mentioned points would be useful.