In an industry where a picture is literally worth a thousand words this is a job that one should not take lightly. Sometimes back, real estate photography was not as advanced as it is today. Times were not much advanced and the pictures captured were blurred, dark and images used to be taken from wrong angles. Taking the best images by making use of high-quality equipment is the need of the hour. In addition to it, improving on how the surrounding space appears on the photo and taking into notice the preferences of the homebuyers is also very crucial when it comes to real estate photography as this is the field where the demand remains all-round the year.

The editing of these photographs is an important task as you cannot have a perfect image in just one go when you shot a picture from the camera. This can be achieved through Photo editing services. There is no doubt that Photoshop is the most preferred editing software available in the market. From professionals to rookies everyone utilizes picture editing tools when they need to edit an image. The popularity of the software has been on the rise over the years because of its multiple features and high standards.

Some of the basic and most commonly used editing tips for real estate photography:

  1. Perform color correction.

Color correction is one of the essential steps in editing real estate photos. Lightroom and Photoshop are the software on which color correction can be done. In order to get a more realistic image and for real estate photo enhancement, you might need to adjust the saturation, hue, and tint with the help of the eyedropper tool.

  1. Straighten the lines.

When shooting and editing pictures of the properties, you need to be extra cautious with your lines as it should be straight and not bent. Whether the shoot is for interior or exterior the lines play an important part and so you can retouch them after the shoot. Photo retouching services helps in doing the necessary correction in the pictures.

  1. Even out the light.

You might come across problems like the shadows and uneven lighting when you shoot the interior or exterior of the property. To deal with this issue you can use Lightroom to adjust shadows as well as highlight, whites, and blacks.

  1. Clean the image with cloning.

There is a tool called clone stamp tool and when you want to remove unwanted objects in your photo you can use clone stamp tool in Photoshop. You just need to click the clone stamp tool and choose the source area. After this, you just need to clone and paint over the object that you want to remove from the picture to make it perfect.

  1. Adjust clarity.

To make the image look crisp and perfect you can use Lightroom software. You just need to push the clarity to the right to polish the photo. You can adjust the black as well in the picture if you want to adjust the clarity in the picture.

  1. HDR

To create a dynamic range of brightness or luminosity a technique called High dynamic range (HDR) is used. Make sure to shoot your subject in different bracketed images and merge the photos into one to show its highlights and shadows.

  1. Lens correction.

In Lightroom, it corrects the optical issues found in most lenses. You just need to go to the Lens Correction module in Lightroom and click on enable profile corrections. After this, click on remove color aberration and you are done.

  1. Curves.

For the purpose of color optimization and color correction, you can use Curves that is a powerful tool in Photoshop. To make use of this tool you need to go to the Image menu, choose Adjustments and click on Curves. After making the necessary adjustments if you find the result appropriate then click OK. In order to achieve the result you want you can play around the tool doing experiments and making adjustments.

  1. Using an image processor.

If you want to resize your photos in batches then you can use the image processor. It will definitely save a lot of your time if you are dealing with a large number of pictures that may have to be used in different places and range in hundreds. You just need to go through a simple process by selecting the File menu and click on the Image Processor and choose the folder in the dialog box and save in the same location. Choose file type as JPEG and click on resize and you are done.

  1. Playing around hue and saturation.

Hue and Saturation are similar to Curves and is another helpful tool in Photoshop. This helps in doing the color correction in the picture. Moreover, it can also be used to enhance the greens on exterior and landscape photos.

You just need to go to the Image menu and choose Adjustments and click on Hue and Saturation. Choose yellow, increase the hue and decrease the saturation and lightness; then go to green and repeat the changes and finally click OK.

  1. Do composites.

Composite helps in merging different photos to create a seamless image. When you are blending different images in real estate this can be of great help.

  1. Batch edit, if possible.

Photo editing company use Lightroom to batch edit the pictures if the edits the pictures need are similar. This is really helpful as all the minor edits in the picture are done in one go and save a lot of time. Syncing the changes and adjustments made in one image would make the changes in the rest of the images as well.

  1. Keep it natural.

The most important photo editing technique in photos is to keep it natural. The aim of the pictures in real estate photo editing is to sell the properties and this is why it is very important to make the pictures natural and believable as much as possible. It is very important to avoid going overboard when editing the pictures. The value and quality of photography can surely improve if the above-mentioned tips are applied.