The coronavirus epidemic has become a frightening situation around the world with no clear end in sight. As the number of cases is increasing every day and record fatalities are registered, it is inducing a sense of anxiety and panic in the people.

The entire world is struggling with a pandemic, and it has shut down even the most powerful nations also. A virus has unleashed such havoc in the lives of the people that it is making them both bewildered and scared. It has spiked up the cases of mental disorder in people as well.

The fear of disease and death, along with the confinement to their home due to the quarantine lock-down, is taking a huge toll on the mental health of the people.

The uncertainty of the current situation and the anticipation of what would come next has left the people with unease and restlessness. It is becoming the hardest thing to deal with, and living your life in a normal way is becoming like a thing of a distant dream.

Under these circumstances, keeping the sanity of the mind is becoming tougher and tougher day by day. As workplaces and businesses are also shut, the question of livelihood is also rising fast among the people that are making them more and more anxious.

//stay away from anxiety and depression.

Staying calm has indeed become a big challenge, but it is not completely impossible. Though the news of epidemic and deaths can make you disturbed, there are few ways by which you can control the anxiety caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Watch news but not obsessively

Staying informed is the key to knowing about the situation around you and also ways of preventing the disease. However, watching news constantly and obsessively can make you more anxious as they are pouring in plenty of negativity now. Hence, watch the news in fragments rather than binge-watching them.

Stay away from social media for a while

Social media platforms like Facebook and Whats-app are meant for connecting us with the world and to know its update. But these days, these platforms are filled with a lot of gloomy and fake news that can make you more anxious.

At times, these news and status exaggerate or twists the facts that scare the people even more. Hence, it is advised to take a break from social media so that you can calm down your mind and distract it from the negativity looming around.

Seek information from reliable sources

Staying informed is critical under these circumstances, but that information has to come from a reliable source. Do not believe in the news that comes from an anonymous source but instead on trusted agencies like the local medical council, the World Health Organization (WHO) for a start.

Be careful about sharing updates

In this situation of the coronavirus epidemic, there are more rumors than facts that are circulating around. Hence, you must cross-check every fact before sharing any news as it can spread the wrong message and infuse more panic in you and other people as well.