The willingness of the judiciary to deal with all facets of family-related issues has been seriously compromised by the new limitations and lockdown. It is important that those now engaged in legal cases are aware of this, but also, because we expect it to take time until the courts are prepared to act because usual, that those contemplating beginning family law cases are aware of it.We’re seeing a lot of people trying to fix common issues, and we’re seeing what’s effective and what’s not. In these turbulent times, we would like to pass on the best of these thoughts to you and educate you on the recent developments surrounding family law practitioners, including divorce lawyers, judges parental practices, land settlements, domestic abuse and other topics.

The below are few guidelines about how to deal with family law problems linked to the COVID 19 pandemic:

With the unstable financial markets and talk of recession, the COVID-19 virus is causing the majority of citizens to reconsider their future wealth. This is particularly true of someone who has been furloughed or who are unable to work for causes of health or business closure.
Questions are being raised as to how contractual commitments to a partner or former spouse should be managed in the face of the unparalleled financial effects of the pandemic. First , while the potential financial commitments may be daunting, there is no need to worry.
Events are evolving every day, and hopefully the sudden changes we’re experiencing will be short-lived and not lasting. In fact, other compensation commitments, such as child care, are modifiable and can be changed should the financial conditions ever change.
Although other commitments and expenses will not be modifiable and must be made in compliance with the pending court order, it is necessary to discuss these problems with the counsel and see whether there is something that can be achieved in the near instance and ease any financial pressure.
While most clients do not like the thought of going to court to settle their family law problems, understanding that they still have that option if they can not otherwise fix their concerns is a safe one. For fact, there are those that have been awaiting planned court hearings for some time and are now hearing that those court dates are being delayed due to emergency court closures.
Finally, there is hope that the new court delays will be short-lived and that, when the court restart, they will definitely do their utmost to get cases rescheduled as soon as possible.
In fact, this scenario can give the parties more time to consider how their disputes can be addressed by dialogue rather than litigation. In fact, alternate conflict settlement approaches will also be used after the closing of the case.
Sadly, there are several circumstances where parents can not readily interact with each other, so now is the time for families to try to set aside all previous hostility and to work with one another in the best interests of their children.
Custody directives must be respected, given how inconvenient they might appear. Parents must keep channels of contact open, in particular with respect to any health problems that their children have or whether someone in their household is confirmed positive for the COVID-19 virus, since there might be guidelines on quarantine that need to be followed.
Furthermore, for children who are moving between homes as classrooms are closed and classes are learned online, parents have a responsibility to ensure that tasks are done and that there is continuity in learning and that kids do not get behind in their class work.
In a time like this, parents must do their utmost to put aside their personal differences and truly put their children first.