The Cash App Card is an electronic function card. The real user of the cash app can get from representative banks at no cost. To request a Cash App Card, you need to activate the Cash App Card by the Contact Cash app, users must follow the following steps.

Unlock your mobile phone or iOS. Install the cash app. Open it and click on the Cash app card tab on the screen.


Here you get two colors that depend on the user to select for his cash app card. Therefore, the user is bound to choose a black color or white color as it is the official theme given to the card by the Cash app.


Now here is the option of $ Cashtag. This cash app is at the wish of the user, either he wants to display this tag on the user cash app card or not. You can select the “Yes” or “No” option for this.


When you click on the bar and it turns green, it represents yes and the cache tag will be displayed on the cash app card. Or if the color is white, it represents No and the $ Cash tag will not be displayed on your Cash App card.


Next, there is an option to “add signature” on the Cash app card. If you are interested in this option, press the option “Tap to customize”. The user can draw his signature the way he likes or use the smile icon.


The next page will open and you have to provide your valid email address, this is the requirement of the cash app. Here below, the tab of your first and last name is found. So do it and hold in mind one thing, this name will be printed on your Cash App Card. Give the date of birth. As per the Cash App Policy, the age of the user should be 18 or a maximum of 18.


In the last one, users have to provide a legal SSN-Social Security number. Only four digits of SSN are required. Now the confirmation notification will come. This indicates that a request has been submitted for the Cash App card. When you successfully follow these steps, you will get your Cash App Card in 10 to 12 working days.


Activation procedure for Cash App Card: When you receive your Cash App card, you must activate it. For the activation process, you can use QR code scanning or without the help of QR code.


Using QR code: First, open the cash app on Android. On the Cash app home screen, tap on the cash card icon found on the left side of the home screen. Here you need to press on the “Activate Cash Card” option.


The cash app will request to scan the QR code. For scanning, you will need to open your device’s mobile camera. Therefore, keep your mobile camera in a vertical position.


After doing so, you can use your card electronically at various locations when the cash app card activation is officially confirmed.


If the user wants to activate a cash app card without a QR code, then press the “Missing QR Code” option for this and you will now be able to activate your card by selecting the option “Use instead of CVV”.