Drivers play a crucial role in the functioning of printer software which establishes sync between the printer and your computing device. Henceforth, before = installing a HP printer software it is important to ensure that all drivers are all updated and compatible with your device or else you may face difficulties in using your printer machine because drivers determine the performance of your operating system. If the drivers are not set to update automatically, you can manually update them. In order to check that your hp printer driver update is properly installed and fully functional, follow the steps given here:

Update your operating system: before updating the drivers, you can update the entire operating system and this may do the trick for you.

Check if the update is necessary: HP printers install drivers automatically, and hence it is not necessary to install the drivers every time you add a new printing device on your computer.

Update drivers from Control Panel: To update your drivers first go to Control Panel and then hardware and Sound>>Device Drivers. Then choose the device for which you need drivers. Next, choose “actions” and then “Update driver software”

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