Facing an error of Duplicate Transaction in Quicken is an indication of getting charged multiple times for a one-time purchase. However, it will be wise to determine the main reasons behind the occurrence of such issues. Therefore, if you are running into the same errors, you should know the main reasons for the Quicken duplicate transaction problems.
Get To Know The Reasons Causing Duplicate Transactions In Quicken
l Deactivated/ Reactivated Quicken account
l Financial Institution Transaction ID (FITID) has been changed.
Once you examine the cause, you should get suitable solutions, no matter whether you use Quicken on Windows or Mac. However, fixing such issues is a simple task as you can refer to this blog to know the solution.
Check Out The Suitable Solutions: 
For Mac Users:
Step 1: Deactivate Quicken Account and Reactivate
l Once you deactivate your Quicken account, you should consider activating it back.
l After reactivating your account, you will come across several options like Link, Add or Ignore the account.
l Here, you will have to click on the ‘Link’ option and click the ‘Next’ option.
l Further, you should go to the account register to delete duplicate transactions manually If appear.
Step 2: Update FITID if changed
l In case, your bank changed FITID, you should consider updating it as quickly as possible.
l After updating the FITID, you should navigate to your register to search for the transactions appearing multiple times.
l Once you find out the duplicate transactions, you should manually delete each duplicate transaction.
So, you can fix the Quicken duplicate transaction issues by using the suitable solution if you are Mac users:
For Windows users:
Step 1:
Add a Column for Downloaded IDs In Your Quicken Account: 
l You should launch the Quicken account in the first step.
l In the second step, you should go to the ‘Register Column’ option available on the top right corner.
l Here, a ‘Downloaded ID’ option appears, just choose it and click on the ‘Done’ option.
l Now, you will see the downloaded and not downloaded transactions.
Step 2: 
Deactivate And Reactivate Your Quicken Account:
l Firstly, you should go to the Quicken and then open the ‘Tools’ option.
l After that, you need to access the ‘Account List’ and select the ‘Edit’ option.
l Next, you should navigate to the ‘Online Services’ and choose the ‘Deactivate’ option.
l Here, you need to provide confirmation by clicking the ‘Yes’ option and click the ‘Done’ to deactivate your account.
l After deactivating it, you should reactivate your Quicken account.
l For that, you should again click on the ‘Tools’ option and then select the ‘Account List’ option
l Here, you will have to click the ‘Edit’ option and opt for the ‘Online Services’ option.
l Now, you should click on the ‘Set Up Now’ option and link your bank account again.
Congratulation for activating the Quicken account again!
Step 3:
Delete the Duplicate Transactions:
l For that, you should go to the account register.
l Now, you need to look for duplicate transactions.
l Here, a ‘Delete’ option appears, just click on it to delete the duplicate transactions from the Quicken register.
By using these steps, you can fix such issues on Windows operating system.
Additional Help:
While implanting these instructions, you might face some other issues. However, these problems are very common and occur at any time. You can deal with them without any difficulties by performing basic troubleshooting operations. There can be a difficult situation if anyone is facing the same error. In such a case, the users should get in touch with the Quicken professionals and share the problems.
Here, they will suggest the appropriate solutions and directions to fix Duplicate Transaction In Quicken. Besides, you can also find immediate assistance from these experts if any other issue takes place. Moreover, if you are looking for more information about Quicken, you should visit our website right now.