Millions of civil service aspirants aspire to clear the public service examination conducted by UPSC in India. But sadly, a handful of candidates pass the test and seek prestigious positions in the Indian government. Whether it is self-study or studying with coaching notes’ help, the key to success is proper preparation, dedication, and determination. 

Self-study is excellent, and there is nothing like anything as self-study. However, no one can deny the advantages of studying with civil service coaching centers in Delhi as the strategies adopted by these IAS coaching centers are incredible. When it comes to studying materials, they share the study notes, thus helping them explore with these notes. 

This article tells us how helpful these coaching notes are, and they can be an excellent substitute for books.

  • There is no denying that books have always been crucial when it comes to preparing for any competitive examinations. As books build the foundation, and one can develop knowledge based on what they study from books. However, coaching notes are as important as books because it becomes easier to learn using them.
  • The IAS examination covers a very syllabus, and the students are required to complete all of them within a stipulated time. So, learning from books can be beneficial, but it is not always possible, especially when the students run out of time. That is why learning from coaching notes come in handy for many students. However, before reading the coaching notes, you must ensure that the notes give you a perspective of a bigger picture. If the notes are based on some fragmented concepts, it might not be helpful in the long run.
  • Speaking about coaching notes, there many advantages to them. Firstly, coaching notes are incredibly beneficial because they are great resources for revision. However, it is always a good idea to go through the books and then look at them.
  • It would be best if you mapped the coaching notes based on your topics and chapters. It will help you to ensure that you are not missing out on any chapter or topic. In case, if you like to study from your notes, make sure all the items are covered. In case if you find that any question is not included, then you can learn them from the books.
  • The notes can be handy when learning a particular topic. Suppose you are learning about government schemes, it is always recommended to refer to the notes rather than going through the government websites.
  • How to decide which coaching centers to join?

The students can collect coaching notes when they enroll themselves with coaching centers. But most of the students are not sure which one to join. One can find ample UPSE coaching centers in Delhi, but it is not good to go by the ads. Many coaching centers put the name of the topper to attract more students, but it is not the right way of selection. When it comes to the selection, a good idea is to interact with people who have already taken coaching and thus understand the choice.

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