Blockchain Community of India

Blockchain Community India has a unique business model and has very easy norms for people who would like to know about their projects and invest in them. They have a total six projects running right now – namely,

  • Blockchain and AI in Education.
  • Blockchain and AI in Banking and Finance.
  • Blockchain And AI in IT and E-commerce.
  • Blockchain and AI in the Healthcare Industry.
  • Blockchain and AI in the Hospitality Industry.
  • Blockchain and AI in Supply Chain.

All these six projects are working on various aspects in which Blockchain and AI could bring value to these industries. To start with Blockchain Community India has chosen eleven traditional businesses – the healthcare sector, education sector, banking, and finance sector, utility and e-commerce sector, hospitality sector, information technology sector, supply chain sector, in online payments popularly known as payment gateway.

How to join Blockchain Community India

Blockchain Community India is a unique business model which gives the opportunity to any Indian to be part of this growing forum of Blockchain and AI. There is huge potential of growth associated with these two technologies. With the advent of technology like 5G, AI and Blockchain would slowly become inevitable. As of now these technologies are at a very nascent stage and hence entry into these investment opportunities is easy. One could very easily invest in Blockchain Community India.

 To do this, you simply must choose a project or projects that are currently running with them and deposit your invested amount. With Blockchain Community India, you are in full control of your investments. You can at any time withdraw your investments from one project and if you wish you can do that same investment into some other project running with them. Also, as the project progresses they pay your interest as part of the profit earned from that project. 

You can decide to take away these profit earnings as part of your earnings or simply decide to invest it further into the same or different project. There is no central body with Blockchain Community India who is responsible for making the decision on how the invested amount would be used by the Community, the investor himself decides on how and when the investments should be done and into which project.

There is a central team that supports the feasibility study of projects and the operations of already approved projects, however, they do not make business decisions on investor’s firm. They are a collaboration of technical experts and domain experts who find new use cases and areas where they could expand their business. They do the technical feasibility of these projects and present it in front of investors. If more number of investors decide to invest in that project because they believe in its success, the probability of its success rate is much higher.

How individuals can invest in Blockchain Community India

Apart from being the board member, you also be part of the growth journey of Blockchain Community India by downloading their e-wallet. This e-wallet is based on blockchain technology and is widely accepted across India. One simply must download their e-wallet and deposit the invested amount into it. Now the best part about this scheme is that the deposited amount can be invested by the user at any retail store through the e-wallet and still you earn interest on this principal amount. Hence you can also be a part of this growth journey by not having to invest a single rupee into the company and they keep paying you interest on your deposited amount. You can also visit their website – and call their 24×7 hotline number to get more information on this mode of investment.

Growth Opportunities Associated with Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence

Blockchain have found a lot of usage in making secure transactions and AI is developing to provide human-like intelligence to process the unstructured data. These two technologies with conglomerate of technologies like 5G and Big data will define a new future for our globe. Blockchain Community India is looking forward to developing different applications based on Block chain and AI to help these traditional businesses flourish and create more efficient business operations with better ability to make decisions out of lakhs of data points being generated out of the connected world. It finds usage in almost every area of business and is not restricted to just six ongoing projects of Blockchain Community India. So, the potential is quite vibrant, and one could not deny that Blockchain Community India is only Indian firm who have advanced into this direction, quite early in the phase. To tap the global opportunities as soon as possible.