Both PMP and PgMP are remarkable project management certificates that can add value to your resume. If you are looking for a project management job in the business sector, you can heavily benefit from the certification. In the past few years, project management has become one of the most sought after jobs for the youth. That’s because it gives you a sense of direction in your career. The field of project management is vast and wide. The disciplines are varied, and you will get many things to do.


Provided the vastness of the field, it is obvious that you need something substantial to get employed as a project manager. The top tiers of a company are always occupied by that of a project manager. Thus, you need to have some special skills that will enable you to stand apart from the crowd. These skills only come with certification. Both PMP and PgMP are valuable as they add to your professional skills. They are recognized in the industry, and people obtaining them get added benefits while applying for job interviews.


What is PMP, and for how long will it stay valuable?


The market scenario is changing. In such conditions, it is natural to think that the value of PMP will decrease. However, it is not so. The situation is still profitable for PMP holders as it is one of the most reliable certifications. PMP or Project Management Professional is a core-driven strategy that focuses on traditional business approaches. It is given by the Project Management Institute, and the exams are conducted year-round.


Many people are of the opinion that the advancement of Agile management technology will decrease the value of PMP. However, that’s not the case. In fact, more and more companies are recognizing the importance of a PMP certificate. PMP is one of the oldest project management certifications. It gives an individual all the relevant knowledge about project management. Although the main concern of PMP is stiff competition from Agile, it is yet to be established that PMP is under direct or immediate threat.


For as long as there will be organizations in the world, PMP will still be valuable to IT employers. There are many IT employers like Oracle and HCL that value a PMP certification. The reason is that PMP certification is universal. No matter where you go, you will always be able to use your PMP certification to get a good job. Thus, if you are someone who loves to get a new job at new places, you should get the PMP certification.


You can register for the PMP exam from the official PMI website. It is advisable to go through training, in the beginning, to get your fundamentals clear. After taking the training, you can appear for the exam. The exam is of objective type questions. Securing more than 75% in the exam will ensure that you will pass the exam with good marks. 


What is PgMP, and how long will it stay valuable?


Program Management Professionals are very high in demand because of a scarcity in their numbers. Doing a PGMP course will further your career. Usually, people wait for a few years before getting the PGMP. That’s because of the time period you will take will add to your experience. You will be able to collect the necessary work hours so that all you need to do is focus more on your work. 


The PGMP course is for program management professionals who are ready to take up the job positions as the head of the logistics department. It is usually completed after the PMP course, as is considered as the next step after PMP. The prerequisites of the PGMP exam are just like the PMP exam. 


PGMP has high value with IT employers as it is a rare certification. There are less than 2000 people in this world who are PGMP certified. Thus, it will give you an edge in your career. As a result, PGMP professionals are able to find jobs wherever they go. The value of PGMP will only increase in the coming years. Thus, going for a PGMP course is the best option for your career.


Both PMP and PgMP are regarded with high value by employers. Thus, choosing either of them will be beneficial for the modern job scenario.