Twitter is an American micro-blogging as well as a social networking site where users can post as well as interact through messages known as “tweets”. It is based in San Francisco with more than 25 offices around the world.

Not only this, but twitter has also been used for business promotions for a few years now. It is a wonderful platform for generating leads and driving traffic, and businesses also see a great response along with the growth from this channel.

Advertising on Twitter supports you to encourage individual tweets along with entire campaigns committed to certain objectives. Businesses get the option to select among the eight distinct objectives that include app installations, video views, and website conversions and setting audience targeting criteria for each ad campaign that they create.

If you want to inflate your reach as well as grow your follower list on Twitter, ponder about improving your endeavors through paid promotional opportunities available on the Twitter platform. By using Twitter Ads you can get your tweets in front of the viewers that don’t even quickly follow you, which is specifically important for generating new leads for your business.

First, let’s talk about the method to set up an advertisement on Twitter.

To start with, you need to choose between “Promote Mode” and “Twitter Ads” which is whether you would like to promote individual tweets or run an absolute ad campaign for a certain intent.

Promoted tweets make available to you the option that your tweets appear in the Twitter streams or Twitter search results of certain users. Running Twitter Ads is more of a complete crusade, making use of the several groups of tweets to bring about a single goal for your brand.

Nevertheless, twitter ads can be efficient even on a comparatively smaller budget also and you do not certainly have to consume a fortune on it.

Types of Twitter Ads

There are mainly three kinds of promotions you can do through Twitter Ads:

  • Promoted Tweets – These ads are for improving engagement
  • Promoted Accounts – These ads are for increasing following as well as engagement
  • Promoted Trends – These ads are for increasing engagement

How to choose between the three?

If you simply are wishing to get more traffic on your webpage, you may want to go for promoted tweets. If you opt for this option, you need to pay a monthly fee for as long as you are promoting that tweet. This method is ideal if you want to gain focused exposure on as well as generating leads from a specific facet of your business.

However, If you are looking to expand your follower base along with building up your audience, Twitter Ads delivers a great deal of success.

How to advertise on Twitter


  1. Set up your Twitter ads account


  • You need to set up an account if you have not used Twitter ads before. First, log into your Twitter account, then go to Enter your country as well as your time zone, then click on Let’s go.


  • This will give you access to the Twitter Ads Manager and its various features, for instance, tracking your advertising campaigns along with analyzing metrics and many.


  1. Choose the objective of your advertising.

Deciding what you wish to accomplish with your Twitter ads. Your campaign intention would determine which engagement types as well as actions you would pay for.

These are the following objectives:

  • Awareness

Reach where you want the maximum number of people to see your Promoted Tweet. Here you are billed per 1,000 impressions.

In-stream video views are the ones when you wish to run a short video ad at the starting of videos from Twitter’s premium content partners. Here you are billed for each video view.


  • Consideration
  • Video viewswhen you want people to watch your videos as well as GIFs. You are billed for each video view in this type.


  • App installs, where you require people to install your app. You will be billed for each app installation.


  • Website clicks or conversionsis when you want people to reach your website where you will be billed per click.


  • Engagements,when you desire to maximize the engagement with your Promoted Tweets. You will be billed per engagement. Subsequently, only on primary engagement with each user.
  • Followersare where you want to set up your Twitter audience. In this, you are billed for each new follower.
  • Conversion

App re-engagements occurs when you want people who by now have access to your app to open and use it. You will be billed for each app click.

After you click on the ‘Followers’ objective, you will be taken to the ‘Campaign set up’ screen. Here you need to name your campaign, then choose how to pay for it, decide your campaign budget, and decide if you want to start the campaign right away or wish to schedule it for later.

The main question, How much do Twitter ads cost?

There is no such budget to advertise on Twitter, so Twitter ads can cost you as much or as little as you want. The budget that you set will be the total amount that you are willing to pay. Once you’ve made your selections, click the “Next” option.

For this, you need to know about Billing Actions, Auctions as well as Bids.

Billable actions

The amount that you will be charged for is dependent on the campaign objective that you select. Each of the campaign objectives has a varied billable action, and thus, you are only charged when that particular action occurs. In simpler words, billable actions are what you are charged for.

To be understandable, for instance, if you choose the website clicks objective, you will be charged only if somebody clicks the link to your website. Since a link click is the billable action of the website clicks campaign objective.


The price that you pay for each billable action is not a predetermined rate. What happens is that Twitter ads are based on an auction system, where all the advertisers bid on available ad space for the audience that they desire to reach.

How much you pay for your campaigns will be dependent on factors like the engagement capacity of your ad, the size or scope of your targeted audience, the number of other advertisers who are also targeting the particular audience that you are targeting, along with the amount that you bid.

So, audiences that in great demand will want greater bids to serve.


A bid exemplifies how much you are inclined to pay for the billable actions in the context of the objective that you have selected.

As soon as your campaign commences, it enters the Twitter Ads auction.

There it competes against the additional advertisers who are targeting a similar audience. The ad will be served based on the factors involving the significance of your ads to your targeted audience, as well as the bid that you set.

The advertiser who has a higher bid usually has a better chance of winning the auction and having their ad perform.

In addition to the bid that you have, you are also able to set a campaign budget for the wholesome amount that you want to splurge.


  1. Target your audience
  • To choose the right audience for your ad and maximize your budget, targeting your audience is essential.
  • You have to start with demographic targeting. You need to define your audience concerning their gender, age, location, language as well as technology.
  • Through the location targeting option, you can get as particular as it can be. You can also target a whole country. The technology component would permit you to aim for a device, carrier, or an OS version.
  • The ‘Audience feature’ section allocates you to target your ad on to the users that are centered on precise interests. For instance events, interests, behaviors, and even the particular keywords, as well as TV, shows that users Tweet about.
  • The interface also delivers you an estimated audience size summary which changes as you add more and more targeting options to your campaign.
  1. Choose ad placement
  • On the right side of your screen, you get to select the place where you want your ad to be displayed.
  • After you have made your selection, click the Next option, and Launch your campaign.
  • In the end, review all the options that you selected. Click on the Launch campaign option to launch your ad and you are done.

Eligibility to Participate in Twitter Ads Campaign

There are some Twitter Ads Policies which makes you an eligible participant for advertising:

  • account duration of the existence of your account influences the eligibility. For example, new accounts are held in review for a certain period before they can start advertising with Twitter Ads.
  • If your Twitter account has been deactivated, then as an advertiser, you cannot participate in Twitter Ads.
  • An advertiser also cannot take part in the Twitter Ads if their Twitter account is in a suspended state.
  • Quality

To be eligible for Twitter Ads, your account must comply with the Twitter Ads Quality Policy, mainly:

  • Having profile as well as header photos which are not GIFs.
  • Having a functional, with a live URL in your bio which is not gated, but also precisely signifies your brand and the promoted product or service.


  1. There are also certain languagesas well as countries that are eligible for advertising while others being exempted from doing so.


  • Trade restrictions
  • Twitter forbids advertisements directed to, and the advertiser accounts from, countries that are subject to the US trade sanctions along with the other US export control laws.
  • Individuals subjected to the US trade sanctions are also exempted from signing up for a Twitter Ads account.
  • The countries are Cuba, North Korea, Iran, Sudan, and Syria.

Here are some tips which will help your brand with its Twitter advertising while making sure that your Twitter marketing campaign gets results


  1. Make your brand and business clear

There may be chances that you are targeting Twitter users who do not previously follow your brand. So, make sure that your business is all about the images or videos that you include, and then copy that you write.

Your Twitter bio, as well as profile, should be in great shape since the users may click from your ad through to your Twitter profile, as it might help them choose to follow you as well as engage with your brand’s social media posts.

It would also be great if your Twitter account gets verified so that the users are sure that they can trust your brand.

  1. Write concise and an engaging copy

Users scroll through Twitter swiftly, so make sure that your ad is precise and gets to the point.


  1. Incorporate a clear call to action

You sure do not want to leave your audience wondering. Great ads only work when you incorporate a straight forward call to action.

It should be made clear to the audience if you are trying for new social media followers, click-through to a specific landing page, or even increased downloads of your app.


  1. Include the percentage if you are running a sale

Researches done by Twitter have shown that people are more likely to click on the ad which cites a percentage discount despite the one that mentions some particular dollar savings.


  1. Usage of high-quality images and video

For an amazing Twitter advertising strategy, a blurry, poorly sized image, as well as a rough video, will not help you. So, make it certain that you are following Twitter’s creative ad specs so that every image, as well as the video, is sharp, fascinating, and captivating.

Make sure that everything that you include in the images or videos are clear concerning the ad.


  1. Analyze, test, and test again

Check out the ads created by your competitors and run a competitive analysis. This way, you can make sure that your ads that as perfect as they can be.

Try incorporating different testing and see how changing your Twitter ads slightly can alter engagement rather than sticking on the same type of format time and again.

Twitter ads are fantastic tools to increase your number of followers, engagement, traffic as well as leads. Not only this, but they have also got amazing targeting, terrific prices, and pretty awesome results if you do it in the right manner.

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