Though we may have the best of skills when it comes to decorating our house, what most of us often forget is to make it a home. From custom made furniture to air fresheners, there are plenty of ways with which you can add a personal touch to your home. Here are a few ideas.


#1 Custom Made Sofa Set:

Custom made furniture is a great way to add a personal touch to your house. You can find such services, just with a simple search online. Just type in relevant words related to your area like “custom furniture Dubai” and you’ll get the right results. Get a custom made sofa set for your living room and represent your style.

#2 Picture Frames:

The residents of the house make it a home, and that is why it is almost a tradition all around the world to have pictures of your loved ones in your home. A few picture frames in the living room showcase, and one or two in the bedrooms, would do the trick.

#3 Potted Plants:

Potted plants are quite a common hobby among people all over the world, and for a good reason too. They make for an easy decoration idea and also display your personal preference. The plants of your choice are a smart way to represent your personality and decorate your house just the way you like.


#4 Corkboard:

This idea is particularly loved by the youth. A corkboard is a clever and creative way to preserve your memories, notes, ideas, and all things related. Simply pin the picture, post-it note, an idea you have written down for a story, or a cutout from a magazine to the corkboard and they will act as a reminder, as well as a decoration item.


#5 Air Freshener:

One point that people tend to miss that air fresheners play a bigger and more significant role in your home than just making the air smell good. The kind of fragrance that you choose represents your personality and taste -just the way a perfume does.

#6 Accent Wall:

In the recent interior design and home décor trends, an accent wall has been climbing up in ranks. An accent wall is simply a different colored wall than the rest three in the room. That, or it can have a different pattern or design, or even be wallpapered. 


#7 Custom Made Dining Furniture:

Once again, custom made furniture rears its head in the ideas for adding a personal touch to your home. Well, since they are ‘custom’ made, they are bound to make the area look more personalized. Get a set of custom made dining furniture for your kitchen or dining room and stamp the area with your identity.

#8 Personal Items For Decorations:

No object can speak more about you than your personal possession. They can be either those that you gained like a trophy or a medal. That, or they can be those that were given to you exclusively, like a poster with your favorite band or an art piece of your star sign. You can use these pieces to decorate your house and add a personal touch without any effort.


#9 DIY Projects:

DIY projects represent a person’s style better than any other thing. When you put in your effort and time into a project, like an artwork or a woodcraft project, it automatically becomes a reminder of the dedication that you put in it.


Consult professionals who offer services like “custom furniture in Dubai” and they will give you great advice for home décor. That way, you can make your home cozy and accommodating your needs.