The competitive advantage of professionals in the new IT labor market depends considerably on their technical skills. Most important of all, candidates for different IT jobs require something unique to show their ability to contribute value to the enterprises of potential employers. Blockchain has become one such critical factor, establishing a competitive factor for all aspiring IT professionals.

Therefore, many individuals think of pursuing a blockchain certification course to establish a career in blockchain. The promises of blockchain technology are also prominent reasons for choosing the career path of a blockchain expert. The following discussion showcases an ideal certification’s details to establish your capabilities as a certified blockchain professional.

CEBP Certification

The Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional or CEBP certification on 101Blockchains is your go-to option for validating blockchain expertise. The striking highlight of the CEBP certification is the facility of a training course along with it. The training course is specially tailored to help all aspiring candidates navigate through the different aspects of blockchain technologies.

Additionally, the training course also provides comprehensive insights into blockchain technologies’ impact on enterprise business objectives. Additionally, the CEBP blockchain certification course also improves candidates’ fluency in engaging practically with enterprise executives. As a result, the CEBP certification focuses on theoretical and practical aspects of enterprise blockchain technologies and the potential business value of blockchain.

The basic notion underlying the CEBP certification design extends beyond the idea of providing certified blockchain expert credentials. The certification implies that professionals need more than mere credentials or titles for establishing their capabilities as a valuable blockchain expert. Blockchain professionals need fluency in updated practical tools alongside applicable knowledge for increasing their business opportunities. You can find experts with mastery in different blockchain protocols and higher technical proficiency. However, the lack of business skills and knowledge of enterprise jargon imposes formidable restrictions on their career prospects.

Ideal Audience for the CEBP Certification

101Blockchains aims at enabling professionals to caterto real-world enterprise demands with their technical expertise in blockchain. As a result, the CEBP certification is ideal for improving candidates’ expertise to ensure corporate blockchain implementation. The CEBP certification by 101Blockchains is suitable for different categories of audience with an emphasis on different objectives,

  • Senior leadership and decision-makers have the opportunity for learning about how blockchain can drive enterprise value
  • Product and program managers can use the CEBP certification for discovering new opportunities to improve product or solution quality
  • Innovation managers and entrepreneurs can identify new prospects for leveraging blockchain technology
  • Advisors and business analysts can use the CEBP certification to improve their skills for anticipating the market and recommend ideal strategies for enterprise clients

Domains in the CEBP Certification

The outline of domains covered in the CEBP certification also shows why it is ideal for a certified blockchain professional. Here is a comprehensive outline of the learning objectives in each module of the CEBP certification.

Blockchain Technology Basics

The first domain of the CEBP certification deals primarily with the working and key functionalities of blockchain technology. Learners have to improve their skills in concepts such as Proof of Work and create a chain of blocks. Candidates will also have to prepare for the characteristics of public and private blockchains in this module. Furthermore, this module also covers the working of smart contracts and all important elements that help evaluate the impact of smart contracts on conventional business operations.

Enterprise Blockchain Platforms

The second domain of the CEBP certification is highly crucial in taking the next step for development as a certified blockchain expert. The module focuses on basics of enterprise platforms such as Ethereum, Corda, and Hyperledger Fabric. This module’s striking highlight is the approach for discovering the balance between business-ready solutions and technical perfection.

Blockchain in Trade Finance

The module provides learning outcomes for explaining how enterprises can enable blockchain advantages for management of trade finance operations. The topics in this module also contribute to debunking the myths related to cryptocurrencies. The module also helps identify the different ways blockchain platforms can support trade finance operations and management. The important topics in this module include Ripple fundamentals, trade finance on blockchain, and cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain Applications

101Blockchains emphasizes primarily supply chain management use cases of blockchain in this module. Candidates can establish their enterprise blockchain expertise comprehensively with this domain.

Blockchain Use Cases

The final module of the 101Blockchains CEBP certification covers different practical examples of blockchain applications.


As you can notice, the CEBP certification by 101Blockchains is a reliable blockchain certification course for enterprise blockchain roles. The different modules covered in the certification emphasize enterprise applications of blockchain technology. Additionally, practical examples, use cases, and demonstrations in the CEBP certification course serve prominent learning advantages.

Candidates could also find trusted and strategically tailored learning resources with the certification training course. Therefore, aspiring professionals can build the necessary skills for contributing value to their clients or the enterprises they work for. So, register for the CEBP certification and start preparing right now for lucrative career benefits!