Spray polyurethane foam is wonderful insulation material for improving efficiency and thorough protection better than other materials. Various projects rely heavily on spray foam insulation including commercial roof roofing, air sealing interior wall cavities, and filling crawl spaces. This material offers exceptional waterproofing, is quick to install, and has a long lifespan. The best thing about this form of insulation is eco-friendliness and affordability.

Commercial spray foam contractors need appropriate equipment including spray foam machine or proportioner to handle various projects. The ideal equipment needs reliability, power, and performance to handle high volume commercial projects. This allows accomplishing client’ projects and broadening the scope of work.

Buying a Spray Foam Machine

You need tools for applying the sprayed materials while undertaking projects. The rule of thumb is to invest in machines with reliability and power to do the job successfully. Before hitting the market, you need to understand a few things to help you invest in equipment to give you the best results and maximum productivity. Below are some factors to consider.

Rated Output

When planning to order Graco spray machine, understand the output rating. The output is the amount of mixed material the machine handles in a particular period. This is an important consideration for having a significant impact on your operation. It also determines how long you’re to take to accomplish projects.

A machine with high output costs a bit more for requiring larger heaters and output pumps. Look for a brand with hydraulic models for output performance. The output of the spray gun is important especially for large turnkey projects.

Materials and supplies

After understanding the output of the spray foam machine, you have to consider the accessibility and cost of materials and supplies. Equipment that requires purchasing OEM supplies from the manufacturer are difficult to handle. You need access to cost efficient materials that are easily accessible from various suppliers. This gives you the flexibility and peace of mind when handling projects.

Pressure Rating

Another consideration to select a spray foam machine is the pressure rating. This determines the pressure generated to mix materials. Keep in mind that the proportioner output and pressure should match those of the spray gun and materials you’re to spray. Always check the manufacturer’s details for the pressure rating of the material to use to avoid pitfalls in the future.

Maintenance and Operation

The ideal spray foam machine is easy to operate and maintain. It should not take valuable time and effort to maintain and use. Opt for equipment delivering an accurate application to lessen downtime and repair. Equally important is to choose easy to clean equipment. This significantly reduces regular maintenance time and last longer for easy maintenance. The machine should allow easy mixing of materials to enhance efficiency and boost productivity.

Electrical System

The spray foam proportioner has various individual components that need power. Keep in mind that the insulation foam machine comes with an electrical system. This requires sufficient power supply from a reliable source. You can use a mains supply in place of a generator. However, the power source should accommodate the load required by the system components. When handling projects on incomplete structures without a power source, you need a system that accommodates power from a mobile source.

Parts and Technical Support

The supplier of spray foam equipment should offer necessary support in case of breakdown or troubleshooting. So, ensure that the vendor can send required parts or appropriate technical support faster. This limits downtime and ensures that you beat your project deadline. The equipment manufacturer should have agents across the country to ensure that you get the appropriate parts as quickly as possible.

Warranty and Brand Reputation

Finally, you don’t have to go through too much trouble to get your equipment repaired. Ensure to get equipment from a brand that stands behind its products. Additionally, the vendor should offer technical assistance in-person or on the phone. A great idea is an access to product operation and repair manuals on the company website. This allows troubleshooting issues with the equipment in case you can’t access the technical team.

Equally important is to purchase equipment from a vendor with a good reputation in the market. This ensures that the brand has been in the market long enough to win the trust of customers. The company most likely offers a warranty and insurance to give customers the necessary protection in case of issues with the equipment. All these give peace of mind that you’re investing in equipment worth your money.

Bottom line

Spray foam contractors have to be ready to handle clients’ orders. This requires having the right equipment, materials, skill, and experience. A spray foam machine is essential for accomplishing various projects. When investing in one, due diligence is necessary to be sure that you get your money’s worth. Consider factors including brand, power output, pressure rating, ease of maintenance, and operation.