If you’re planning to buy running shoes under 1500-2000 rupees or any types of sports shoes, then you must know the material which is used by the manufacturer during the manufacturing.

Each sports shoe is made from different materials like running shoes are made from very lightweight material that helps you to feel free and more comfortable, so before you buy any shoes, you must have basic knowledge about this.

And if you don’t know the shoe types and material, then this article helps you to understand the various types of material and also to buy a guide.

How To Choose Best Running Shoes

  1. Budget

Budget is the first step that allows you to decide what type of shoes you want. Budget the only factor that describes your needs. Many people think that high price means high-quality shoes but is not authentic and valid. Most of the brands such as Lotto, Adidas, Nike and many more companies are selling good quality shoes at a shallow price range.

  1. Hour Calculation

If you are making a plan to running shoes so before you buy calculate ours how long you run a day.

If you already did this and made a duration of running time then for half-hour and 1 hour little hard sole shoes are good. But if you spend daily 3 hours, then lightweight sole running shoes are a perfect match for you.

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  1. Self Research

Before you made any decision about running shoes, you have to do your research for it because of properly structured information such as weight, material, sole, etc. that helping you to grab the best pair of shoes.

As you know that various barns companies are selling different types of shoes but somehow fraud companies also selling duplicate products in the name of the original company so if you want to avoid this kind of fraud you need to do your research.

  1. Outdoor Running And Treadmill Running

If you not familiar with this and you just bought shoes, then you are in trouble. Because in the market, you will get two types of shoes first for the average ground level of use and the second one treadmill running shoes. So be aware and bookmark this information before you select any running shoes.

  • Shoe Material


  1. Leather

Leather shoes are the most popular and demanded material worldwide. The leather is made from using the animal’s skin, mostly cows, crocodile, and snakes.

The best thing with this material is that it comes with very elastic control that helps you to wear it anywhere at any place. The breathable material helps you to protect your shoes from sweat and smell.

  1. Canvas

Canvas material is used to make sneakers type of shoes. In this new era, most of the company started using this material to make a different type of shoes because of its easy to clean. In terms of choice, canvas material shoes are made with multiple color choice, so you get many options with this.

  1. Textiles

Cloth shoes are not new; it is the most popular conceptualised by the manufacturer to make the shoes. The textile material is made from cotton, wool, and polyester. The textile provides different types of varieties such as fibres, weaving, and deniers. With this cloth material, you can be sure to find unique design shoes that fit your foot and give you a perfect grip.

  1. Natural Rubber

Rubber shoes are mostly used by the manufacturer to make sports shoes like running, badminton, tennis and another one. The best thing with this material is that you can able to use this material in any season, so this material never disappoints you at any.

  1. Synthetics

This synthetic material is a human-made concept that consists of two layers. Many manufacturers used synthetic material like leather. The Synthetics material is also known as PU material. This material is mostly used to make shoe sole so the quality of the sole is depended upon how the manufacturer build the shoes and how much variety they used.

  1. Foam

Along with leather, synthetic, rubber or even textile material, the foam material is used to made sports shoe worldwide. This foam material is made from plastic

Distinct kinds of two fall in the foam: the cells where they are in the matter of the grants that were opened to the air and the water, and the door is to get trapped in the cells when the free lot of running into intestinal gases. And it has been opened and the cell off. The collars are the casual shoe on the tongue.

  1. Denim

Material Denim is used to create a variety of shoes, which range from the dances, the sneakers, and it is well for a long time wedge so that a pair of boots for your wares. Since the denim fabric, denim shoes is as simple detergent them in the machine. Like other materials that are more affordable and leather.

Final Words

This is all about the guide of How to Choose the Best Running Shoes; from this, you can able to decide the idea of the selection of shoe.