Solar-powered motion security lights are one of the most innovative ways to revamp your outdoors. Unlike any ordinary solar lights, they’re a perfect addition to your private property. Apart from reviving the appearance of your landscape after dark, the best solar powered motion security lights enhance the security of your house. 

How to find the best solar powered motion security lights?

You’ll find plenty of solar lights with motion sensors for sale. Before placing an order, you must verify a few technical factors associated with it, they’re:

Must come with wide-angle lighting  range

You must choose a solar security light that covers a wide area in the dark. The moment it senses any noise, it turns on. A branded solar security light must remain switched on for at least 20 seconds the moment it senses movement within a specific radius. As a first-timer, if you’re looking for the best solar powered motion security lights scan the internet for some time.  It might help you to choose the right solar light for your residence. 

Should have a reliable battery capacity

It’s important to take the battery capacity in count while buying solar powered security lights. A branded solar security light must come with lithium-ion batteries. Those batteries are quite effective in the long run. They have a longer duration than any ordinary solar light batteries. 

Must be IP66/67 weather coated 

Some solar lights may not withstand extreme weather conditions. It’s the only reason for which you must choose IP66/67 weather coated lights. The solar panels of those lights are durable to withstand extreme weather. They can convert solar energy into electricity even after remaining exposed to minimum sunlight. It always adds value to every dollar you spend on buying one such weather coated light. 

Location of the lights where it has to be installed 

Just like the other factors mentioned above, it’s equally important to choose an ideal location for solar lights. Choose an area for installing the lights from where it’s visible to locate a trespasser after dark. If you’re strolling in the garden after dark, the lights are your perfect companion to show you the right path in the darkness.