Treat yourself to marine activities such as swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, canoeing, deep-sea fishing, and more. And tour the land of rich cultural heritage India. Get customized tour packages for a family holiday tour in India.

You can choose from themed and destination based holidays. Theme based holidays are those with hills, mountains, wildlife, beach, adventure, cruise, resorts, tribes, festivals, or seasons like winter or summer trips. On the other hand, destination-based holidays allow you to choose from a hot list of tourist destinations like Agra, Bangalore, Bombay (Mumbai), Delhi, Rajasthan Jaipur, Kerala, Mangalore, etc. There is a lot to be seen from the golden triangular voyages. , For heritage-rich monuments.


Pick from water and river sports, scuba diving, trekking, fishing, skiing, bird watching, jungle safari, jeep safari, paragliding, and more. Enjoy a beach resort or a small, yet beautiful hilltop hotel. You have more to be pampered, hot stones, sauna baths, body massages, steam baths, and soul healing capsules added to your water is the cure for your tired body and soul! To satisfy your hunger, you have continental cuisine on your plate, if you are a seafood lover, you will enjoy local cuisine in Goa. Goa has great hotels and great cuisine to plan your perfect beach vacation.


Packages are often focused on selected destinations with hotels, accommodation, and return trip bookings. If you cannot do your work, tour packages will plan things for you. Take a trip to the Golden Triangle Tour consisting of three beautiful cities of India – Delhi Agra and Jaipur.


Customize your family tour packages based on your destination and number of passengers. If you are with your family, then you should look for a place for a lot of activities and at the same time, it should be budget-friendly. On the other hand, company-sponsored business trips will be at five-star hotels combined with spas and other body and soul pampering. Contact your travel agents and he/she will recommend the tour package to the business host based on your budget. He will suggest you the best season to plan your vacation for your discounted trips and discounted flight fees.