Avast antivirus is famous for its freeware. Avast antivirus has the best freeware plan among all the free antivirus programs available in the market. If we talk about the paid plans of Avast antivirus; they provide the most advanced security tools for your devices at very good prices. Avast paid plans to employ all the necessary tools and services required to fight against all the malicious threats. If you get the Avast subscription then you don’t have to be concerned about your device safety. Avast will take care of your device. But don’t forget about Avast Renewal. You must renew your Avast antivirus before your Avast license expires. You can easily install Avast antivirus on your Windows PC, Mac, and phone devices.

Avast error 1006 is one of the common errors which mostly occur during the installation. There can be various reasons behind this error but file corruption is the most potential reason to trigger this error.

Symptoms of Avast Error 1006:

  1. Avast error 1006 appear and the installation process gets stopped
  2. Your Avast dashboard is not opening
  3. Error 1006 appears whenever you open your PC
  4. You are getting an Avast error while using a program
  5. Your keyboard is responding lately

Possible causes of Avast error 1006:

  1. You have downloaded incompatible Avast setup
  2. You have downloaded incomplete Avast setup
  3. Your Avast installation process gets corrupted
  4. Windows files are showing an error
  5. Some program is creating conflict with your Avast setup

Troubleshooting Avast Error 1006:

Check for Avast compatibility

Avast antivirus requires few resources of your device to get installed and work properly. In case your device is unable to provide all the required resources then Avast will show you that how to cancel avast cleanup premium free trial  or scanning error. Whenever you get Avast Error 1006; check your Avast plan whether its requirement matches with device specifications or not. If not then get a plan which is compatible with Avast. Sometimes, low disk space can also cause installation errors. If your device has low free disk space then remove all the unnecessary files and programs from the PC and then try to install Avast antivirus.

Clean out Junk files

Temporary files not only accumulate the space on your hard disk but can also create conflict while installing any program. So, before you install Avast antivirus; remove temporary files from the PC. Type %temp% in the Run dialog box and press the Enter button. Your temporary file folder will get open on the screen. Press Ctrl+A and click on the delete button. You should also delete other junk files like browser history, cookies, and caches from the PC. You may use Disk Cleanup Tool to remove all the junk files from your Windows PC. Here are the steps for using Disk Cleanup Tool:

  1. Open your Windows device and click on the Start button
  2. Type command on the search bar
  3. You will see the permission dialog box prompted on the screen
  4. Click on Yes option
  5. The command prompt will appear on the desktop
  6. Type clean-mgr on the command prompt
  7. Press Enter button

The Disk Cleanup Tool of Windows scans your whole disk space and finds out all the files which you can remove. A list of items will appear on your screen. Check the list and choose all the items which are unnecessary for the PC. Recheck the file and press the OK button. A confirmation prompt may appear on the screen. Click on the Confirm button and wait until the process completes. Now restart your Windows computer and check whether your Avast Error 1006 got troubleshot or not. If yes then install Avast antivirus on the PC and acquire your tools and features to protect your PC from various threats.